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F-22 2 Raptor ARF


Product Code: F-22 Raptor ARF
Condition: New

Manufacturer: LXHM

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  LX F22 2 Raptor KIT

The F-22 program is developing the next-generation air superiority fighter for the Air Force
to counter emerging worldwide threats. It is designed to penetrate enemy airspace and
achieve a first-look, first-kill capability against multiple targets. The F-22 is characterized
by a low-observable, highly maneuverable airframe; advanced integrated avionics;
and aerodynamic performance allowing supersonic cruise without afterburner.
This F-22 holds the same beautiful lines as the original fighter jet. The wing and
body used in this jet are specially designed to allow high G maneuvers,
yet the wing loading is still very low. It becomes a stableaircraft with excellent performance.

EDF diametre:2×70mm
Flying weight:2100g
Thrust:more than 2500g

1. Material : EPS foam
2.High simulation appearance
3.Thrust to weight ratio for optimal flight performance
4.Thrust vectoring nozzles
5.Capable of alpha maneuvers
6.Cockpit ejection
7.Controllable airbrake flaps
8.Durable threated rotary shaft driven retract system
(no more stripping servo)
9 .Twin 70mm EDF
10.Can do all the 3D actions like real plane

needed to complete:
Servo: 13X 9g servos
Brushless Powered: Powerful 2100KV brushless motor
 2x 50A Brushless speed controller
Battery: 22.2V 6S 3600mAh 25C Li-Polymer
Control system: transmitter and receiver


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