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Icon A5 PnP Amfibious Airplane


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Icon A5 ARF Amfibious Airplane with Flaps,
retracts and 1800mm wingspan

this version comes with all servo's, motor,
   speedcontroller / ESC!

(not installed!)

Note: we replaced the lower quality standard china electronics for
high quality electronics since there were too much problems with the
standard electronics. Price did go up a bit, but it's worth it.

ICON A5 is a creative sea land dual purpose aircraft and this personal folding
mini-aircraft is developed by the FAA. Moreover, designed by the master air
and car designing team of the world with transcendent concept and advanced
technoloy. This two-seater aircraft is rather fansionable and pretty. The A5 not
olny can circle in the mountains, but also can fly across lakes and seas.Just
like falling in love with boats, aircrafts, snowboardings and motorbikes,
adventurers will have the same enthusiasm to ICON A5 which will also be one
of the most beloved collections. Guangdong Dazhan Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.
,cooperating with New Flying-Dragon Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., firstly designs
and makes the ICON A5 Model with the world’s most advanced material EPO,
which makes it with excellent flying performance at low speed and low level,
great shatter-resistance, portability, conveninet assembly and longer fliying time.
We believe that the ICON A5 Model with wisdom, technique and originality in
one will give you a completely new experience both in visual and control,
and do you believe?

Due to its large cockpit it will suit perfect for FPV flying with camera´s!


LENGTH: 1150mm
WINGSPAN: 1800mm
COLOR BOX PACKING SIZE: 112*44*34.5 cm


Plane is PnP and includes:

1.  MOTOR:
  High Quality powerfull Spitz duo combo:
brushless 480watt 850kv 2 - 6 cell
build in 50A speedcontroller/esc
including controller card

2.  Servo:
High quality digital servo's 6pcs 26gr + 1pcs high torque (gear) 56gr

not included!:
TX and RX: 6ch or 8 ch
Servo Extension cables
servo Y cable
propeller APC 12x6
Lipo battery: 3S to 5S 2500mAh to 5000Mah





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