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KATANA EP aerobatic


Product Code: 005226KATANAEPaerobatic
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Katana EP aerobatics plane
A brand new model from high quality materials from JAMARA.
 Wooden parts make sure that the plane is absolutely lightweight and very strong.
 Extra large rudders make sure that any 3D flight will be a dream that comes true.
 A model for all KATANA lovers and the ones that want to start with Katana planes!.

Needed to complete:

Brushless Motor magnum 2814/6
propellor  11 x 5,5
Servo 4 x High End Micro
Xenon ECO speed controller 40A
Battery Lipo Sun 11,1 V 2200 mAh
Wooden fuselage allready compleet build
- Wings allready complete build
- Painted hood
- Undercarriage, wheels
- Canopy transparant
- some small parts
- manual

Technical data:
Wing span:  ca. 1000 mm
Length: ca. 951 mm
Wing area: 20,5 dm²
Weight: ca. 420 g (empty)
RC: 4 Channel 4 servo
Wing profile: Naca 0014


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