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SR-71 Blackbird ARF 64mm with retracts


Product Code: LXSR-71BlackbirdARF
Condition: New

4.5 average, based on 2 reviews

Manufacturer: LXHM

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SR-71 Blackbird spyplane KIT

The SR-71 holds many records. Above all it is considered to be the fastest aircraft in the world

with a top speed of 3500 km/h. The original was made entirely of Titanium and although the
model is not, it still retains the characteristic shape to defeat the enemy radar.
Two powerful Brushless engines give the model plenty of go and the retracting undercarriage can be
retracted after take off to keep the distinctive shape in the air.

   Accessories needed to complete:
Transmitter Heli/control   (Any cheaper 6CH will also do!)
Servos 5 x High End Micro

Controller 2 x Xetronic 40 A
LXHM 30A speedcontroller (original)

Motor 2 x Magnum B2040 Jet
LX 3500KV brushless motor (original)

Battery DesirePower 22C 11,1 V 2500mAh
LXHM 20C 14.8v 2200mAh (original)

Box contents:

- Fuselage front section
- Fuselage rear section
- Rudder
- Canopy
- 2 Engine fairings
- Retractable undercarriage (fitted)
- 2 64mm Ø ducted fans

- Decal sheet

  Technical Data:
Wing span approx. 700 mm
Length  approx. 1200 mm
Wing area approx. 24,5 qdm
Weight approx.  1050 g  RTF
Transmitter 5 channel/5 servos
Motor  B2040 Jet



Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.5


Very cool plane. even in slow flight it can be flown nicely, but when you give full throttle then it really goes like a rocket. Due the design you need to land it a bit faster then normal, but it did it well.

anwar da Graca :: Feb 08 2010, 12:17 PM

sr71 blackbird

Nicely crafted and detailed plane. Fast flying as well... bit easy to stall but superrrrrrrrrrrrr fast. overal flying is pretty good. Landings need to improvement from my side !

donnie :: Jan 24 2010, 20:26 PM

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