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Roo V2 ARF (funjet clone)


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Roo version 2 ARF (funjet clone)

EPO Foam re-lived! A lot of things are different about this model, the Roo V2,
and the one that immediately stands out is the smooth finish which the model has.
design is a look alike of the Multiplex Funjet.
No more rough foam trying to slow the model down and the large canopy gives great
access to all of the R/C components.  A high degree of pre-fabrication means that it wont
take long until you are burning up the sky and we have kept the construction simple to save
you from having to do too much figuring out.
  An incredibly wide speed range and a roll rate to turn heads give this jet it?s characteristics.

Result:  The fastest real fun model for pilots who are looking for a little more??..

Needed to complete:
any 4ch transmitter
Servos 2 x High End Micro
Motor 1 x A2212/6
Controller 1 x Xetronic 40 A
Propeller 1x  5x5
Battery 1 x Lipo 11,1 V 2200 mAh

Box contents:
- Fuselage
- Canopy
- Wings
- Rudders
- Aluminium engine plate
- GRP engine mounting plate
- Propeller
- Fitting kit
- Instructions

Technical data:
Width: aprox. 875 mm
Length: aprox. 700 mm
Weight: aprox. 500 - 550 g
RC:  3  channel, 2 servos

Spareparts are available!!!


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