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Katana 140 Nitro


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Katana 140 Nitro
The Katana sets a standard in model aerobatics. The figures you fly succeed with absolute precision
and very cleanly. Ffamous figures like barrel rol, half cuban, Snap roll, become a reality.
A model for all the professionals at the R/C club and all beginners that are learning the skills of Aerobatics.
The model is built complete from wood and captivates by a high prefabrication degree.
We revised our Katana and made it 30% more easily and accessible than the predecessor model with
many details and a  clearly simpler structure of this machine.

Recommended accessories:
Motor: 2 Takt Power Pro 26  - Art. Nr. 111235
or: 4 Takt XL-180 AR FS - Art.-Nr. 119821
Servos: 5 x MPS 8,4 - Art.-Nr. 072035
Servo: 1 x S-Standard - Art.-Nr. 070823
Receiver: Compa X6 - Art.-Nr. 061035
Pilot figure: Henry - Art.-Nr. 170160
Spinner: 71 mm - Art.-Nr. 170160

Box contents:
- Trunk in timber construction method completely covers
- Beblankt bearing areas in rib building method finished with decoration
- GRP hood painted
- GRP chassis and GRP wheel shoes
- Canopy transparency
- Tank, spur chassis, linkage, wheels
- Small articles - Guidance

Technical data
ca. 1830 mm
Length: ca. 1690 mm
bearing area contents:  64 dm²
Weight: ca. 3800 g (empty)

Motor: 2 Takt Power Pro 26 / 4 Takt 180er
Wing profile: Naca 0014 Modify
RC: 4 Kanal / 6 Servos


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