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Messerschmitt BF-109 Nitro


Product Code: 005875MesserschmittBF-109Nitro
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 Messerschmitt BF-109
Designed in 1937 by Willy Messerschmidt, the Bf-109 was the most built fighter aircraft of
 the German Air Force with over 33.000 being produced and flown in the Second World War.
 Pilots loved the handling characteristics of the aircraft but hated landing it with its narrow
 spaced undercarriage, this aircraft saw action in all theatres of WW2. Our model boasts an
 incredible attention to detail and comes virtually ready to fly and features pre-fitted characteristically
 lightened brake blades and a pneumatic retracting undercarriage which keeps the building time
 to a minimum. This model will be a high-light at any flying meeting.

 9x Servo Q7 standard
Engine 4 stroke XL-180AR FS

Box content :
- Strengthened, coloured GRP fuselage
- Built-up rib and spar wings, pre-covered
- Installed pneumatic retracting undercarriage
- Fitting kit
- Instructions

Technical data:
1850 mm
length: 1668 mm
wing area:
56 dm²
5900-6100 g
r/c: 7 Channel / 9-10 Servos
2Stroke 120 / 4Stroke 180


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