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Azure Power Freestyle Race Propeller 5x4.5x3 (Set of 4pcs) Blue


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Azure Power Freestyle Race Propeller 5x4.5x3" (Set of 4pcs) Blue

Original design
Azure Power select each and every one of the airfoils carefully and with the
Fluent software simulate the physical processes of rotating propellers, to optimize
the shape of the angle.
Meanwhile with the most professional aerodynamic analysis.

Fast speed
Azure Power use imported PC material which makes the propeller not only has high
toughness and extremely light weight.

In this way, you can have a very good experience with the car.
These kind of propellers are suitable for racing and freestyle at the same time.

Excellent quality
FPV racing requires very high quality of propellers, even just a slight difference of
the propellers' characteristics or quality could affect the eventual result of the competition.

We strictly pay attention to the details of the product in order to make the best
We can, and strive to bring consumers perfectly well-made product.

Perfect combination of strength and toughness
W used the imported nylon + 30% glass fiber material which can balance the strength
and toughness perfectly.And can fix the problem of deformation during the props
are rotating.

Nylon Glassfiber


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