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Adhesive decorative films for your JETI transmitter


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Adhesive decorative films for your JETI transmitter!

1 week delivery time!  all skins are made on demand.

Easy installation!
     Disassembly or transmitter and removal of switches is not Necessary!
     Make sure the surface of the transmitter is clean. For best results,
the surface should be free from dust and grease.

Lay the film on the surface and press lightly.
     Easy installation Because of innovative bubble-free technology

Select your version from the dropdown menu!

Want to design your own skin?? ask us how or mail us!

DS14 and DS16 handheld skins

      Backcover                             bavarian demon                      blue eyes   

     Carbon                         Orange eyes                    Sticker bomb

White Edition                          Wood      

Dc16 Tray skins


Bavarian Demon                                  Carbon                                      Chocofly      

       Fire                                         Jeti inside                                 Orange eyes

Stickerbomb                                       Wood   


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