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70A opto jeti HiCOPTER


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Manufacturer: Hacker

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70A opto jeti HiCOPTER

Speed ​​controllers or HiCOPTER product line are Aimed for regulating and controlling
BLDC motors are used for driving That multicopters.
These controllers are pre-set
from the manufacturer for the cooperation with stabilization systems used in copters.

The controllers accept control signal with a frequency up to 500Hz And They
respond to the needed change of revolutions from control / stabilization unit of the copter.

HiCOPTER speed controllers have control signal galvanically (optically)
separated from flight battery.
HiCOPTER speed controllers do not allow
setting any parameters.
Brakes of the controllers are gene rally switched off,
cut-off voltage is at the lowest level possible (depending on a type) and the timing
of engine is set by the speed controller automatically.
Potential change
in the direction of rotation can be done by exchange or any two phase cables.

technical Data:
Weight [g] 45
Dimensions [mm] 70 x 26 x 11
Sustained current [A] 70
Telemetry No
Operational temperature [° C] -20 ... 85
Supply Voltage [V] 5 ... 25.2
Batteries NiXX 6 ... 16
Batteries LIXX 2 ... 6
Batteries LiFe 2 ... 7



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