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Flytron 5.8GHZ 5dbi Patch Antenna for headsets


Product Code: FT5.8patch
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Manufacturer: FlyTron

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5.8Ghz patch Antenna for headsets

Left or right Hand Circular Pattern(LHCP/RHCP) Patch antenna for
5.8ghz FPV applications.
 This antenna has an extremely wide band that covers all 5.8ghz band
channels with great SWR levels.

The 5dbi 115 degrees beam provides comfortably mount with this patch
antenna directly to your FATSHARK / FPV goggles.

The directional beam pattern provides a longer range than any other antenna
designs and also lightweight and robust.

Ideal antenna for daily FPV flights. Also, you can use them as a pair for
long-range video transmission.

5dBi Gain
Left or Right Hand Circular Polarization
5700 - 5900 MHz tuned frequency
110° beamwidth
35 x 35mm
SMA Male connector
(compatible with all SMA 5.8ghz receivers and transmitters)


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