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RXD2 long range receiver


Product Code: dmdrxd2
Condition: New

Manufacturer: DmD

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A professional receiver radio control of ultra long range from 25Km up
to 100Km with temetry and optional Mavlink radiomodem with
50 or 100kb of RF.

It has 8 multifunctional outputs for servos, RBcus, modem, AES encryption.

Manufactured with the latest 5th generation DMD radios,
dual band 866-960Mhz, -110dBm of sensitivity and 500mW
of power for telemetry.

Compatible with transmitter XPAD2-2017.

The RXD2 receiver is the best choice for the RXD3.
Main Features:
5G Receiver (Optional): From + 20dBm (100mW) -99dBm to + 27dBm
(500mW) -115dBm, @ 50Kb, 866-960Mhz.
Maximum range RC and telemetry: From 25Km to 100Km LOS,
with antennas RX 5dBi and TX 9dBi.
RC Channels: 8 cannels RC.
Output (SPPM / CPPM): 16 cannels RC.
RCBUS.Serial communication XVOSD2 and others XLRS devices.
MAVLINK Protocol: Serial port COM3.
Serial ports "COM4" and "COM5": Deactivated, Future functions.
Channel: Fixed or Frequency Hopping (FHSS).
Connector: Micro USB.
ALPHA Commands.(Interface open source text).
Upgradeable / Configurable: With DMDStudio software.
Antenna Connector: SMA Female RC (866-960Mhz).
Antenna: ANTGSM900.Omnidirectional antenna 5dBi, 866-960Mhz.

Technical Characteristics:
Radio 5G (Optional):
Frequency: Dual Band 866-960Mhz.
Range Radio Control Max: From 25 to 100Km RC.@patch 9dBi ant TX, 5dBi omni RX.
Power: From 100mW to 500mW.
Sensitivity: -99dBm to -110dBm.
RF Filtrate: Digital.Compatible Video 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz.
Upgradeable: Yes.
Power Supply: 5V.Min 4.5V.Max 6Vcc

Data Sheet:

Telemetry MAVLINK (Optional):
Radiomodem for telemetry with integrated MAVLINK protocol, can communicate
with any system or autopilot that uses the same protocol.
Compatible autopilots: Pixhawk, PX4, MFD V2, Mini APM, Smart APM, AutopQuad, etc.
Software compatible: Mission Planner, QGroundcontrol.

AES Encryption:
AES Encryption 128b, sends encrypted data packets for more security.

More information click here, Technical Features RXD2.
Manual RXD2.
Wiring diagrams.

Receiver RC: 1- RXD2.(Optional range: 25, 50 or 100Km).


1-Mavlink Telemetry.(Optional).
1-AES Encryption.(Optional).

1-LAT54_SMAH / SMAM.Cable SMA Female to SMA Male, 540mm.
1-CABLE_SERVO_HH.Cable Servo RC Female to Female.
1-CABLE_EXT_SERVO_MH.Extensor Cable Servo RC Male to Female.
1-CABLE_USB / MICROUSB.Cable USB-A Male to Micro USB-B Male, 2m.

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* This page shows the description of all products and options that can be
selected in the RXD2.



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