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X-OSD, VTX 2.4Ghz 500mW, MicroFan, Mic, 5CH RC, 2 Input cams, MMCX-F


Product Code: XOSD
Condition: New

Manufacturer: DmD

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On screen display that presents graphics, icons and text in FPGA,
Autonomous Guided Vehicles UAV, robots, surveillance, etc

The RXD2 and RXD3 receivers are connected to the XOSD via the RCBus
providing the flightdata and the XOSD presents them to the analogue video,
superimposing them to analog video.

Interprets Mavlink data packets from a PX4 or Mavlink compatible autopilot.
To receive the XOSD video on the ground, you need RXVID 2.4Ghz video
receiver with diversity.

RXVID and XOSD work synchronously (In flight change channel, etc.)
with the data on the screen and RXVID.

Technical Characteristics:

OSD XLRS Complet.
2 Page.
2 Resolutions.
33 characters x 32 lines.
42 characters x 32 lines.(Optional)
60 configurable instruments.
30 objects.
50 objetcs.(Optional)
Micro fan.
Internal Microphone with audio and volume control.
Voltimeter of 5V.
Temperature sensor.
5 Channels RC for auxiliary servos with mixes.
2 Camera Inputs video PAL (can be feed to 5 or 12V).
2 RCBUS.(Data TTL).
Commands ALPHA (Open Source Text Interface).

Pages: 0 = Transparent and 1 = Instruments.
Intruments config .: 50 Objects.
Alarms config: Yes.
Units of Measurement: Metric (Km, m, ºC) or Imperial (Miles, feet, knots, ºF).
Instruments: Power, Flight, Navegation, XLRS Radio, UAV and Several.

Video Transmitters:
Range Video max.aprox .: 30Km (Depending on antennas used).
Frequency: 2.4Ghz.
Power: 500mW.
Channels: 8.
Video brightness level.
Pixel level adjustable from black to white.
Temperature: -10 ° C ~ + 60 ° C.
Ambient Temperature: 25 ° C.
Mini radiator: Heat Sink.

On Screen Displays:
Xosd.(Optional resolution: 33x32 ó 42x32).

ANTGSM24.Omnidirectional antenna 5dBi, 2.4Ghz with connector MMCX female.



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