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MyFlyDream V5 12ch AAT System basic unit


Product Code: MFD-ATT-BASIC
Condition: New

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Manufacturer: MyFlyDream

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MyFlyDream AAT  V5 System basic unit

New version with stronger Servo's and gears !!

MyFlyDream AAT System basic unit
AATDriver V5 x 1
MyFlyDream 12CH Tracker x 1
USB Programmer with cable x 1

AAT Hub x1

The basic unit contains everything you need to set up your basic MyFlyDream-Tracking system.
The only thing you will need is an GPS unit or a single GPS  unit if you don´t want to
use an OSD.  The MyFlyDream Tracking system will work with almost every GPS that uses the
NMEA standard. (Link; List of known compatible gps-units)

OPTIONAL: The TeleFlyOSD is connected to your GPS unit and transmits the GPS data
to the ground via the audio AND video channel of your AV transmitter. On the ground
it is fed through the AAT (Automatic Antenna Tracker) to the
MyFlyDream-Driver. The Driver handles the signal and controls the servos
to turn the AAT.

What makes the MyFlyDream Tracking System so special:
- You don´t have to buy a certain OSD type to be able to track your plane.
Instead you can simply use the OSD you like the most. Or even track your
plane without an OSD.

- The high quality slipring provides endless rotation, meaning endless
freedom, you will never  again temporarily  loose your signal because the
tracker has reached its maximum rotation angle and is turning over to
the other side.

- The built-in compass unit makes setting up the tracker on the flying field
a breeze. No need to check the correct orientation by hand or walk around
with your plane in hand, just put your MyFlyDream AAT on a tripod or
other support, connect everything with a power source, wait for a proper
GPS fix, push "Set Home" and FLY. It´s as simple as that.




Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5


Personally for me it is just a little bit of extra insurance reading about the good performance of this tracker. My old ImmersionRC tracker would drift a lot, sometimes just stop following the plane at all. For this reason I had diversity but actually you dont need a diversity with a tracker. eventually gave up on the IRC and ran with the MFD tracker. Wish i had done that long time before. many flights without probems! Farewell IRC and hello MFD!

Eric verspaan :: Nov 10 2015, 11:02 AM

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