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FM-36X V2 800TVL (Mini Zoom Camera with Infrared sensitive CCD)


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FM-36X V2 800TVL
(Mini Zoom Camera with Infrared sensitive CCD)

Motorized Day/Night filter for perfect image in
day light and very low light conditions.

 FM-36X has the biggest zoom factor(36x) camera on the market.
It includes RC servo line controlled camera core with quality 36x optics
and Infrared sensitivity.

The product comes with 2 cables with servo plug. One is for zoom control, other one
is for supply(12v) and video out. It is compatible with most of the OSD video inputs.

You can use it naked (83gr)or with Metal Shield (154gr)
It comes with shield and you can remove it with just 5 screws.

FM-36X comes with an extention card. You can plug it to camera with ribbon
cable and access all menu functions / RS485 Pelco-D port / Video out/ 12V supply input. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Extension card using same signal pins with our  zoom
control electroncis. This is why you must send idle/center(1500us PPM)
signal before plugging the extension card.

     Sensor: 1/4 "SONY 960H and Effio-E DSP
Resolution: 540 TV Lines
Video Format: PAL
Weight: 83gr naked. / 154gr with metal shield.
Dimentions: 80x40x45mm
Optical Zoom Factor: 36x (3.43mm - 123mm)
Light Sensitivity: 0.1 lux
Focus / Iris: AUTO / MANUAL / AUTO K
backlight Compensation
Digital Control Protocol: Pelco-D
RC servo channel control: Zoom control with auto focus
Super Infrared (720-900nm) sensitivity for IR Filters
Supply voltage is 12volt, usefull works with 3S LiPo (11.1V)

For more information about the sensor please click here!!


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