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FatShark Trinity 3axis Head Tracker Module for Dominator Goggles


Product Code: Trinitytrackermodule3axispan-tilt-rolfordominFatSharkTrinity
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Manufacturer: FatShark

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Fatshark Trinity tracker module 3 axis pan-tilt-rol
for dominator headsets!

Trinity is the epic result of pairing an accurate 9DFO IMU with a revolutionary
new vector algorithm that anticipates and maps real head motion in free space.
Trinity delivers the smoothest and most accurate 3 axis head tracker ever; it’s
impossible to even imagine what could be improved as the performance is flawless.
Rapid fluid 16 bit motion, zero error – the head tracker is so natural that it
becomes an extension of your environment and you soon forget you are even using one.
Trinity is a quantum leap forward in head tracking performance and it will change how FPV pilots fly. 

Works perfect together with:
Fatshark Pan / Tilt / Rol mechanism and servo's


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