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7W Booster v3 for 433Mhz


Product Code: 7W Booster v3 for 433Mhz
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Manufacturer: FlyTron

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7W Booster v4 for 433Mhz

7W / 3.5W selectable Power for All LRS UHF transmitters!

This Open Source UHF booster uses Mitsubishi RA07M4047M RF undirectional
for generating 7W or 3.5W selectable hughe RF power.

New Features on v4
     static cooling by new aluminum case design
Fully shielded case for less RF noise

     Improved RF signal path design for efficency,
     Selectable RF power by switch
     Lightweight design, only 38gr,
     Smaller than ever. 25x25x55mm,
     SMA Male connector for direct connection transmitter without an extension cable,

The output power is configurable by supply voltage and switch.
It starts boosting from 3.7v (0.8W) to 9v (10W). You can supply it with 2S lipo
(7.2-8.4v) battery and it gives 6-8W RF depends on battery voltage.

Our New v44 Boosters have selectable gate voltage with a switch
It's a-including zener (3.3v) and a blue LED (2.75v) gain on input.

In Low Power mode (Lo) The booster works on 1/2 power and blue LED indicates
If you need full power, just switch it to Hi.
The blue LED will stop and gain voltage will be 3.3V zener diode with.

For example: you can fly with half power mode and switch to full power mode
in case of emergency.

We are Suggesting UBEC 5V supp lying to your booster in standard usagage.
And 2S lipo if high power required.
The booster willgive 7W in full mode and 3.5W in half with fashion 2S battery.

7W RF power affects all electronics around it. So, Use this power only if required.

You can use it with all UHF systems as Scherrer UHF, ImmersionRC, MyFlyDream UHF, ArkBird UHF and
DragonLink. Just choose "with attenuator" version to reduce the input signal.

Please read the amplifier chip's datasheet for detailed information about voltage, power, frequency informations.

OpenLRS notice for users:
Output power of 100mW OpenLRS Tx and our booster Requires 50mW input.
Please switch your Tx to 50mW mode before connecting the booster.
You can find the details into the config.h file or OpenLRS project.

     Data Sheet (RA07M4047M)

To avoid Damage to your Booster Please read the important warnings specified.

     Never turn on your Booster without the antenna attached, this can burn it out !!!
     Do not supply with voltage higher than 9Volt.
     Suggested use it only with input power. RA07M4047M's input accepts maximum 20dBm (~ 100mw).
If you want to use it with 500mW systems (as tarragon link) you select shouldering the
500mW version When You order. We will add an attenuator on input for protecting your
Tx and Booster.
     If you want to use it with monopole antennas stick, dont forget the grounding the system.
     Do not remove the heatsink before reading "RECOMMENDATIONS and APPLICATION
INFORMATION" section or RA07M4047M datasheet.


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