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Arkbird 433Mhz UHF 10 -channel long range system


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Manufacturer: ArkBird

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Arkbird 433Mhz UHF 10 -channel module

ARKBIRD-433Mhz UHF 10-ch module designed for long-range flight:

1. The advanced code division frequency hopping system (FHSS)
Produces the only way of frequency hopping sequence volgens the only
ID code of each transmitter, and these receives it by different
ID addresses with fast frequency hopping at full frequency;

2. Adjustable power (100mw-1400mw);

3. Both Tuner mode and repeater station mode are optional, plug and play
and automatically identify.
Repeater mode can be compatible
with all TXS radio;

4. No welding setup, wires are connected easily;

5. Receiver 10 channel Servo output interface, PPM output, 3.3V RSSI
output interface, and head sensor interface;

6. Rapid response or 20ms, without delay.

Bounded with Arkbird OSD, It has the Following functions:

1. It can be configured to single-wire PPM & RSSI output, three-wire transmission
or 10-channel signaling and RSSI, with very simple wire connecting;

(OSD Arkbird needs to be upgraded to 3.1020 or newer firmware)

2. The original channel 1-4 input ports on Arkbird OSD;Become automatically
output ports-which will output channel 7-10 of the radio control TX;

3. Output channel 9 and 10 can be configured to A steering servo Stabilizing-gimbal
for camera.
Positive or negative, and the amount or stability augmentation can
be adjusted.

Transmitter: working voltage: 2S-3S (7 ~ 12.6V) peak current: 400mA @ 12V
Receiver: working voltage: 4 ~ 12V peak current: 120mA @ 5V

10 Channel UHF transmitter and antenna
10 channel UHF receiver and antenna
All Necessary Hardware
Foil tape for isolationism or 2.4GHz interference (Foruse in repeater station mode)
Dimensions: 24X11X5.8cm
Total Weight: 236g


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