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ARKBIRD-AAT Auto antenna tracker


Product Code: Arkbird AAT
Condition: New

Manufacturer: ArkBird

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ARKBIRD-AAT Auto antenna tracker

ARKBIRD-AAT (Auto Antenna Tracker) is designed for long range transmission.
It greatly Improves the transmission range by pointing the high-gain panel antenna
to your ground plane at every moment.It can use on fixed wing, quadcopter, multi rotor.

Six innovative designs give you the best experience:
1. Two sets of sensors for dual-coupling correction equipped with magnetic compass
and inertial navigation compass (Gyro scopes)
ultra high-precision pointing;

2. Plug and play; work with Arkbird OSD to make a weld-free plug assembly;
advanced full-automatic calibration algorithm for one step calibration;

3. Two-channel transmission on video and audio, dual reliability
(50hz superimposed on video channel, 10Hz on audio channel);

4. Integrated suction cup mounts and tripod mounting hole, super tiny
(PTZ body 11cm * 8.8cm * 3.9cm), high-quality powerful steering
(max 2kg load),  360-degree turn without slip ring;

5. Take-off point coordinates can be automatically saved after powering-on;
dynamic positioning can be Realized by using the GPS interface in the ground
module-which supports movement tracking (e.g. It can be used When driving
or emergency landed plane searching);

Airborne module: Voltage: 2S-3S (7 ~ 13V) Peak current: 200mA @ 12V
Ground module: Voltage: 3S (12V) Peak current: 800mA @ 12V

Arkbird airborne module
Arkbird ground module
Upgrade line and USB
All Necessary connection cables
Dimensions: 26X21X14cm
Totle weight: 1080g



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