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ImmersionRC EzUHF 4ch Receiver


Product Code: ImmersionRCEzUHF4chReceiver
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Manufacturer: ImmersionRC

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ImmersionRC EzUHF 4ch Receiver
(Lite version)

The 4 channel receiver simply is the smallest and lightest UHF receiver bar none,
weighing in at a mere 8-grams and barely bigger than a poststamp whilst
offering 4 channel support. Obviously the reduction in size makes it extremely
suitable for popular planes like the FunJet, or other similar models that generally
are not used for long range flying, but do require a solid, reliable connection.

Coming from the same pedigree as the 8-ch EzUHF receiver the 4-ch EzUHF
receiver is specifically designed for FPV use. Due to its diminutive size it
however goes without the diversity or the EzOSD connectivity,
as small planes don’t generally require an OSD or have room for a
multiple antenna configuration.

But there’s more, as all EzUHF products feature a common USB connector,
even the miniscule 4-ch EzUHF receiver, which, in combination with our
application software, will allow you to set up your receivers in just the way you like.
Mikrokopter mode, the cloning of channels, diagnostics, firmware updates, etc. etc.
all available with the click of your mouse or a press of a button, no soldering
required, nor any fancy non-standard cable. Convenient, simple and intuitive,
leaving you with more time to enjoy your flying, rather than spending hours
or days setting up your equipment.

All of that and many, many more upcoming features which further allow
integration of our products and turn the electronics powering your FPV plane into a reliable,
rocksolid, but above all a plug and fly solution that you get to enjoy every time you fly.



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