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Scherrer V6 9Ch 433Mhz normal range receiver Tiny Slim version


Product Code: ScherrerV69Ch433Mhznormalrange
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Manufacturer: Scherrer

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Receiver V6 RX NR 600 Normal Range Tiny Slim version!!

V6 receivers will also work on the V7 transmitter !!!

The receiver board is 26 x 54mm, weight: 7 gr.
Receiver 8ch, uptimized input filter so it can co-exist with strong 2.4Ghz on board video transmitters.
Wire antenna mounted directly on the rx.
the extra pin in ch 12 connector is rssi out, ch 12 connector is also ppm out when < 12ch are used
PPM out is the same as sum-signal and this is offcourse fully compatible with mikrocopter controller board, all RX have this.

SUM and RSSI out
Sensitivity: -102dBm
Input voltage range: 4-10V
Servo signal pulse output: 3.3V positive
Radio band: 433 & 444Mhz multi band and multi frequency hopping system.
Temperature range: -40C to +70C tested

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