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RiteWing ZXL


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Manufacturer: RitewingRC

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RiteWing ZXL

 The new injection molded EPOR ZXL is finally here.
As some other vendors say that this model is BETTER then the Zephyr 2..
Well, it is NOT.. it is just a totally different aircraft that has it's own

The ZXL has two wing extensions for a wider wingspan. Kit includes
longer and stronger carbon rods in order to make the longer wings more rigid .
Bigger wingspan for slower, more stable flight. Ideal for inflight camerawork.
Increases te wingspant up to 81 inches. More lift with lower speeds.

The Zephyr 2 XL comes as a kit which you need to finish yourself.
Several setups can be made, just do build it how you like it.

Included in this kit:
1 complete Zephyr 2 XL
1 set of wing extensions
including motormount
elevons and winglets
heavy duty carbon rods

  With the pre cut bays you will have a much easier time building now appx 1/3 the time
as before. I built two in a 3 day period without breaking a sweat.

If you are looking for a larger wing span than the Z I the 82" zeph is avail ,
with the blunt mod it is coming out to approximately 90".
The reason for the blunt section is for the need to mount equipment on the leading edge.
This allows for an unobstructed view and ease of mounting.

The Zephyrs are beeing used by universities,  high schools and tech schools.
A few other uses of the Zephyrs include search and rescue, land surveying, off road car
racing videos, scenic photo,
ocean sport fish tracking and locating , even cattle herding
and power line inspections.

A few recent Zephyrs have being utilized as test platforms including avionics and
atmospheric testing equipment.

Leftside the Ritewing Mammut             -             rightside: the new ZXL
(not for retail!)                                                                  



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this is one fantastic wing! great ritewing - kit quality as usual, supreme flight characteristics. ... plus superfast shipping from leo! thanks e-store! vierfuffzig from hamburg

Anonymous :: Dec 29 2014, 21:36 PM

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