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* FPV Projects *


  The CloudsFly RTF / ARF FPV plane.
(simular BMI Arrow 1400)
  Selling in our shop now, complete FPV ready cloudsfly !!!

Manual will also be made for customers who like to build the CloudsFly FPV themselves!


It is important to modify the horizontal stabilizer if you want to do aerobatics.Since the
up/down steering surface goes almost over the whole stabilo, it can get stuck under
a little stress / bending while flying. You can check this yourself while bending the stabilo
a little and try to move the steering surface up and down. You will notice it wont work that easy!

To solve this you can make a cut in the underside of the stabilo and glue in a carbon rod to
make it much stiffer. This will prevent the stabilo from bending while flying.
the pictures above show you how to do it!



Cutting out the space to place the pan/tilt servo.


If you are not using a pan/tilt mechanism but only a fixed cam we
you cut out a horizontal flat space. Glue in a piece of Birch Plywood
(specially for modelling) and mount the camera bracket on this piece for stability!

    Place the camera mount                    cut canopy and fix the camera

This is for the Fixed cam position only!
We continue with the with the pan/tilt version!


Carefully cutting a hole in the canopy so the top of the servo
will fit trough!


Now you can see how it will look!

Placing the steering servo's and glue them tight!


Cutting some space for the receiver and battery


Placing the battery on top of the receiver. Make sure you have some space to
move the battery a bit so you can balance the plane on its centre of gravity!


Installing the 10mW TX                             Installing the 500mW TX


Connecting the speedcontroller / esc


100% done


if you are using a OSD then it is better to place the current sensor
in the belly of the plane. Just cut a long square in the underside|
(there is enough room). Place the curent sensor and place the GPS
unit in the front on top of the battery. Also move the video transmitter
to the back of the plane and place it between the motor and the camera.
This to get a good center of gravity for your plane and balance!

to check the balance of your cloudsfly.
just put the tip of your fingers beside the fuselage on the wings,
where the carbon rods are located. if the plane is in balance or just a little
nose heavy, it is ready for flight..
if not, adjust the location of the lipo battery a bit forward or backward untill

the plane is in balance...


Items used in pictures:
CloudsFly (floaterjet)
Fatshark headset
cmos CCD-KILLER pan/tilt camera including servo's
any videotransmitter
1 collet prop adapter 3mm to 5mm
Desire Lipo 22C 3cell 11.1Volt 2500mAh
Epoxy 2 components glue
10sec glue
surgical knife for cutting
little piece of
Birch Plywood


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Our DG1000 Glider FPV Project

Building a 2.8 meter wingspan Glider for the Fathshark FPV set.

This model is based on the DG1000 glider model wich we sell in our shop.
It is easy to assemble since most parts come pre-build. But to make it fit precisely you

need to do some cutting here and there and some electrical wireing must be done.

As you can see the model is a bit big and takes up a lot of working space,
Of course we could take of the wings but it looks nicer this way ;)


At the moment we are fitting the electronics and we will also fit a propeller
in the nose with folding blades.  then we will build the FPV system in.
When done pictures here will follow and we hope a nice movieclip
as well from the maiden flight.


installing the home made motormount.


home made camera mount.


almost done, now we only need to fit the electronics!

Just before Xmas we started on the electronics bay.
Below here you can see the results


Taping the corners to cut smooth edges


Carefully cutting with a lot of sweat!


installing the electronics,video transmittter and OSD (on screen display)


mounting the antenna and actually the plane is done for 99%

balancing the glider on 2 chairs to                  FPV cam fixed with closed canopy
get center of gravity right                                                                   

DONE !!!!!!

Grtz:  Jack & Leo

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