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I-Soar 1 kit


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I-Soar 1 kit

Designed for FPV, search and rescue, agraric purposes, animal control, surveillance, etc...

shipment contains Plane , carbon rods and building materials only.

The I-Soar 1 is truly a perfect long range FPV and AerialSurveillance Fixed
Solution. When it comes to long range flights with glitch free live video up to
50km max range, The immense payload of this planes makes you pack much more
lipo batteries for extreme long fflight or just carry heavy camera's

The i-Soar 1 is Specially designed for long-range surveillance missions upto 50km range,
direct fly or autopilot. Or longer distances by using the autopilot Waypoints!

It offers superb stability, Silent and fast cruise flight and tons of Power With
dual engine configuration. With bigger space in notes belly, The I-soar 1 sacrifices to
carrydualor quad 10000mAhbatteries and can offer flight times upto 180 minutes
or longer on

Even on 1 engine it continues to fly and come home on autopilot (if installed).

The i-Soar 1  in its current configuration is a perfect plane for following Fields:
Long Range Surveillance and Security Solutions
Aerial Safaris and aerial surveillance for Animal Watch
Security and Anti Poaching Animal Animal Surveillance
Crop Watch, Forest Watch, Forest Fire Watch
Palm oil and palm oil tree surveillance Tree Forest Watch
Long Range Search and Rescue missions
Border Patrol for Security and Surveiallance
Land and Mining Surveys
Golfbanen Racetrack Aerial Filming
Sports and Action Sports Chase Aerial filming for Long Range Rally and Races
Long Range Surveillance Property
Factory Long Range Surveillance and on-shore or off-shore rig surveillance
Long Range FPV Racing and Formation flight
and of course for Long Range FPV Lovers

you can useprofessional cameras or GoPro 4 with 3 axis brushless
axis gimbals well.

If not in stock, 2 week delivery time!

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