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DT-3K Hybrid Headtracker For Futaba / Hitec / ESky


Product Code: DT-3Ktrackr
Condition: New

Manufacturer: FlyTron

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DT-3K Hybrid Headtracker For Futaba / Hitec / ESky

DT-3K is the first hybrid (magneto-gravity) tracking device on the market.
This zero-drift device supports Basic or Pro level transmitters with our
revolutionary INJECT PPM and PPM-CREATE technologies.

     Rock Solid zero drift system with high repeatability.
     Extra (2) channel generator on PPM INJECT fashion
     6-24V voltage range (7.4V compatible with transmitters like 14MZ)
     Futaba Micro trainer connector
     Compatible with all 2-6 Basic channel transmitters with PPM INJECT technology,
     Compatible with all Pro 7+ channel transmitters with PPM CREATE technology,
     Pan / Tilt reverse for different pan / tilt mechanisms,
     Easy and Fast, one-click gain and centering system.
     Selectable channels from 1 to 9
     Easy to use with one button and one LED interface.

compatible Transmitters:
     All FUTABA transmitters except 2.4Ghz 6EXA
     All HITEC Transmitters with DIN6 trainer plug
     35Mhz version of ESky transmitters

Please read FPV-Communitiy.Com's offical review blog about DT-3K

Important Notice for JR Users!
Please read this post first for understanding the usage or HT with JR transmitters.

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