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ImmersionRC AV powerbox


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ImmersionRC AV powerbox

Immersion RC`s Powerbox is a perfect companion of any modern ground station.
It provides access to 2 independent battery sources and can supply power to four
different devices connected to it. Each of these outputs are supplying clean filtered
power to the connected devices.

The video signal connected to the AV in, will be equally buffered to the 4 video outputs.
allowing the user to connect several video goggles, recorders and have their
companion enjoy the flight in real time.

Ground-station Companion
Today’s ground-station is typically an array of devices, LCD monitors, LCD goggles,
video recording devices, antenna trackers. These devices all have to be powered,
and interconnected with audio/video connections.
The PowerBoxAV simplifies the cable mess, and provides clean, redundant, distributed power.
Its video buffer ensures that each of the connected devices receives a clean PAL/NTSC signal,
with correct video level specifications. For video sources which are slightly out of spec,
an internal trimmer allows the level to be corrected.

Each of the DC power jacks contains a heavy-duty LC filter, to ensure that each A/V device receives clean,
glitch-free power. A resettable fuse, and reverse-polarity protection protects against the occasional
wiring mishap.

Low Voltage Alarm
An internal low voltage alarm automatically senses the potential of the connected power source(s)
and sets an appropriate alarm threshold, giving you plenty of time to land before the dreaded black
screen kicks in.

All FatShark and ImmersionRC ground-based equipment uses standard 3.5mm 4-pole
jacks for video/stereo-audio connections.
The PowerBox is supplied with a selection of long, and short 3.5mm->3.5mm cables,
to clean up ground-station wiring mess.
No more cumbersome RCA/Phono connectors!

Twin Redundant power inputs
4 filtered power outputs
Fused input, reverse polarity protection
4 buffered A/V outputs
Standard 3.5mm 4-Pole jacks, used on all FatShark/ImmersionRC equipment
Interconnect cables supplied
Low-battery detect, on each redundant power input
Audible Alarm for low battery
Adjustable video gain, correct for out-of-spec receivers
Dimensions: 85 x 74 x 23mm
Weight: 120 g
Power Requirements: 6-12v, 250mA max.

Ships with:
1 x 3 meter 3.5mm -> 3.5mm A/V cable (goggles -> powerbox)
1 x 30cm 3.5mm -> phono female cable
DC power cable, terminated in wire ends


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