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STROBON NEO + 4 Stripes Pack


Product Code: STROBON NEO + 4 Stripes Pack
Condition: New

Manufacturer: FlyTron

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STROBON NEO + 4 Stripes Pack

STROBON Lights are most powerful navigation lights on the model market since years.

We would like to introduce you, our new Strobon NEO - RGB LED Strip
Controller for RC Airplanes and multicopters.

NEO is the first RGB LED strip That controller designed for RC market.
It 's-including 40 different patterns for all requirements-including Airplanes, X or + multicopters.

NEO supports 4 different WS2812B 10pcs LED strip at the sametime.
You can install the stripes to your multicopter arm or head, tail and wings of your airplane.

NEO power consumption depends your pattern selection and power level.
You can set the power level from 0% to 100% on your transmitter.
It acts like a standard servo and left position of the servo is 0% (OFF) Right
positioning is 100% power.
For example, You can set the control channel to
center position for 50% power.

If you dont have a spare channel to control it,
No worry, NEO works on standalone mode with direct 5V supply like
all STROBON Family products

It is-allowing two different working modes, RC mode or Standalone.

Supply it directly from a BEC (5V) it works on standalone mode and runs at 100% power mode.
Plug it on any channel or your RC Receiver for RC controlled fashion,
then you-can-On, Off or set any power level on servo channel.

Package Contents
1 pcs STROBON NEO servo controller with 30cm wire.

4 pcs RGB LED Strip for Strobon NEO

  supply Voltage:5 volts from servo channel
  operating Temperature:-40 To +105 ° C
 Current Consumption:50mA - 1A depends pattern and powerlevel
  Dimensions (L X W X H):24.3mm X 9.2mm X 4mm
 Weight:5 grams

Frequently Question: How many LEDs can it drives?
Answer: It designed to drive or 10pcs LEDs on each control channel and have 4 channels

W A T C H    T H E    V I D E O    H E R E

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