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(Electronics of the eTurbine Racer will suit this platform perfect!)

You are looking at the new Sparrow Racing Quad.This is the culmination
of many hours of hard work and many new ideas.

We wanted to design a frame That Addressed common issues with the
current frames on the market.The result is the unique and beautiful

We are tired of seeing the same box design over and over again, we
Decided to build a frame that's built in layers, maximizing strength
while Maintaining a very light weight.

We have Addressed common FPV camera mounting issues.The Sparrow
Provides a Special 3D printed angled camera mount that's vibration
isolated from the rest of the airframe.

We have ook many accessories designed to maximize your experience with
this frame-which will all be coming soon and-including GPS mounts,
angled Mobius Camera Mounts, Angled Go Pro Mounts, Angled motor mounts,
nylon landing gear, titanium hardware and more.

and FPV gear in order to get it flying.

- Full 3K Carbon Fiber frame.
a,) Main body 3.0 mm thk with front bumper to protect the FPV camera.
b) Top front and rear frame 2.0mm thk
c) FPV hanger 2.0mm thk
d) Battery platform 2.0mm thk
e) Replaceable arms 3.0mm thk
f) replaceable bumper 3.0mm thk
- Multiple motor mounting holes for 1806 2204 and 2206 engines.
- Flight controller Bumper at the center and the SMA Bumper at the tail.
- Top rear frame includes 3 x cutouts for SMA connectors and adapters
for most of the video transmitter.
- FPV pendant with four strong rubber dampers and Detachable Nylon rivets
for vibration damping to supports HD action camera on the top.
- New Angle Adjustable Holder FPV camera,
The angle is Adjustable from 10.deg to 45.deg
One holder can hold 600 TVL and 32mm camera and more

(As long as the camera size not bigger then 32x32mm).

Airframe Kit Includes:
- A set of the 3K carbon fiber frame, Main, top front and rear, FPV
hanger, battery platform, replaceable arms and bumper.
- 8 pcs color or black rubber vibration dampers.
- 12 pcs or Nylon rivets.
- 1 pc or Angle Adjustable Holder FPV camera assemble.
- A set of stainless steel screws and nylon poles with spare.
- 1 pc battery strap
- 1 pc or Sparrow Quad Integrated PDB V2.
- 2 x 12V integrated LED pads (Red and Green).
- 12 pcs or replacement black vinyl caps.
- 8 pcs of Aluminum anodized washer [Dark Grey color]
- One PC or XT 60 plug n platform with bolt nuts.

Download User Manual download here:

- Hard cardboard Folder

Suggested Build Parts:
- Props: ATG 5040/6040 "Silent" propellers
- Motors: Emax 1806/2204 2300Kv
- ESCs: Hobbywing 12A ESCs Funfly
- Lipo: 3S 1500mAh 35C
- Flight Controller: Open Pilot CC3D / CC3D Atom / NAZE32
- FPV Camera: Fatshark 600 TVL / 700 TVL Sony CCD 32mm board camera mount.

# Flight Controllers Fits: CC3D, CC3D Atom, CC3D Revo, Mini APM Naze 32.

# Motors Fits: 1806, 2204, 2206, 2208.

# Please Ensure the ESC's size can fits on the Sparrow PDB before you
Purchase the ESC. ##

* All Flight Electronic Parts showing on the product sold pictures


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