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Inductrix mini FPV upgraded motors (tiny whoop!)


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Manufacturer: Blade

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Inductrix mini FPV upgraded motors (tiny whoop!)

these are NOT the standard upgraded "race" set you can buy almost everywere

These are genuine Micro Motor Warehouse products imported for your pleasure.

These are oversupplied in sets of four (4) motors:
2 X CCW (counter clockwise) Motors
2 x CW (clockwise) Motors

The 0615-14 motors are better suited to FPV and will be the perfect upgrade
for your Tiny conversion.

If your looking for punch and durability, you found it.


Coreless Tuned DC micro motor CL-0615-14
Package size: 4pcs (2x CW, CCW 2x)

compatible to:
- AlienWii flight controller (plug'n'play)
- Blade Nano Qx and Qx FPV (see note below)
- Hubsan 107C, 107D
- All other micro quads with 6mm motor holders

Performance dates:
speed: 14.000Kv
Operating voltage: 1.5-3.7V
Max. Thrust: 15g (direct drive)
1.0A load current at 3.7V (direct drive)
lifetime rating: 5-6 hours

can diameter: 6mm
can length: 15mm
Shaft Diameter: 0.8mm
Shaft length: 5mm
weight: 1.8g
wire length: 70mm
plug: Micro-JST 1:25

All engine packs containers equal amounts or clockwise and counterclockwise
To maximize performance and life span, do not run them in reverse!

Motor rotation and correct polarity is Indicated by the wire color:
clockwise: red + blue -
counterclockwise: white + black -

Attention, Blade pilots:
When usingthese motors in any Blade model, please be awarethat the wire color coding
is reversed.
Our CW motors have red / blue wires, like almost every other coreless
motor in the industry.
Blade HAS Decided to use a reversed color scheme,
so please install the blue / red motorcycles into the place of the white / black ones,
and vice versa!

Special NOTE:
Run at least three batteries through thesis at
no more than 50% throttle to seat the brushes.
Failure to break in will void warranty (Break in video needed for warranty claim)


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