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S6 foldable mini drone (2018 version!)


Product Code: wingslandS6
Condition: New

Manufacturer: WingsLand

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This is NOT the chinese version that is dumped on internet for lower prices!
Those chinese versions dont have warranty, support or any service from WingsLand!!

attention: pictures showed are from the old V1 version!! we sell the 2018 version!

Wingsland S6 2018 foldable mini drone

currently only orange, silver, and camouflage european/english version available!

   Camo                 Fresh Orange           metallic silver

high output lamp

Wing Country S6 is the smart phone or the drone industry, being the thinnest 4K
drone in the world and equipped with the latest in drone technology.

Weighing only 230 grams and being about the same size as the iPhone 6
the S6 is sure to please.With its 4K camera and many features you will be
printable to take the best photos and videos from all different heights and angels.

The "Follow Me" mode Means you can ride your bike, skateboard, play
your sports or record family occasions here without Needing to hold a controller,
The Wing Country S6 can fly its self so no one HAS to be standing behind the camera.

Its object avoidance sensors and auto take-off / landing capabilities hugely
decrease any chance of damage to the S6 Its fold away arms usefull
make it easy to store without worry or snapping off parts.

Flying the dark it is made possible by the unique attachments available for the S6,
A search light, Mini Toy Gun, Emoji Display Screen and object avoidance attachment.

GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation Dual guarantee precise navigation
and hover for outdoor flying, for indoor positioning where GPS in unavailable
the Infrared and Optical Flow Sensor system will Ensure the S6 knows where it is.
Losing your S6 is incredibly Difficult with the low battery alarm and return two settings.
The Wing Country S6 will fly back to its original position or take off to the operator's position.

Operation is a breeze using the intelligent APP on almost any Android
and iOS smart phone.Using this application, beginner, normal, course lock
and home point modes are all options.Your videos can be edited in the Wing Country S6 adding APP
subtitles, combi-ning your footage and adding music.Using its precision flying sensors fantastic
360 photos are made possible or your location in or outdoors.

Indoor flying using infrared and optical sensor system for positioning When there is no
GPS signal Outdoor flying uses GPS and GLONASS dual satellite navigation to guarantee

Precise positioning hover
Low power alarm
Failsafe return to home
Adjustable flight speed
Adjustable sensitivity control
Engine block protection
Compass anti-interference design
Control modes
APP virtual joystick
APP motion-sensitive mode
Voice command
Flight modes
beginner mode

Course lock mode
Home point lock modes (Standard: take off position Dynamic:. The operators location)
Intelligent Orientation Control
Auto takeoff / landing
Auto return home (to operator's original position or take off point)
POI (point of interest)
Auto follow me
Music dancing
360 degree photo

Programmable flying
13 megapixel photos
Shooting ultra HD video up to 4K at 30 frames per second or 1920 × 1080 at 60 FPS
4x slow motion recording (1920 × 1080 25 FPS)
Electronic image stabilization
Pan shot
High definition continuous shooting
Mini toy cannon gun
Emoji Display board
Object avoidance (will be released at a later date)
APP Functions
Android & iOS operation system
Aircraft control
camera control
Flight simulator
beginners guide
Voice prompts
Aircraft firmware upgrade
Video editor function (Add background music, combine videos,
subtitle and optional template)
Battery 1400 mAH, 8.7V
Flight Time of 10 minutes
Folded up aircraft size 138mm x 79mm x 26.8mm
Weight 230g-including battery
Wing Country S6 13MP 4K Intellegent Photo / Video Platform
Wing Country S6 camera
Foldable Design
Wing Country S6 sideview
Android App Functions

Video Editor Camera Control Flight Simulator
Wing Country S6 App


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