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No shipments during the weekend!

27-02-2018: Got a new manufacturer for patch antenna's which allows
custom made antenna's tuned to the frequencies/channels you
prefer. Delivery will take a bit longer since they are custom made.
Standard antenna's will be added as well to the store.
This will probably happen in about 2 weeks time.

18-02-2018: working on backend of the store again. The UPS plugin
has some issues by giving the wrong shipping costs (too low).
Once fixed we will ship UPS again, untill then we ship PostNL

16-02-2018: Did some version Upgrades for the store. Running now
on the latest release again !

14-02-2018: Fixed a bug in our VAT validation system and upgraded
some other plugins as well. if you find anything wrong, pls report!

04-02-2018: added new products again. More to come.

30-01-2018: We are moving our manuals and other downloadable
documents to a new location and server. Please report any broken
link you may find so we can solve them. Thank you.

28-01-2018: Adding new UAV building parts and other handy
products for (re)building your systems. Added a new section
with clip on/off
(magnetic) wing connectors.

20-01-2019: added a new range of very strong and waterproof
30L outdoor backpacks. To carry around your gear and kopters.
Various designs to pick from.

19-01-2018: finished adding the new Hacker Life-EC lipo's

17-01-2018: Almost done adding a new section to the Hacker Lipo's.
new added:
Hacker Life-EC lipo batteries

Updated some Menu's here and there. Added some new
pull cages to the bungee launch product for precise launches. More is
coming as well..

10-01-2018: A new year and new opportunities. We have to appologise
for not finding enough time to continue updating the AUV section. It will
happen and you can always ask or consult us about such product, but
for now we also need to focus on updating and introducing several
other products and new innovations. The market is so rapidly expanding
that we also need to choose a certain direction. You just cant cover it all.
So, thank you for understanding when you see things going a little slower
as expected. Orders and shipments are processed without any delays!


the store will be closed from 02-01-2018 to 06-01-2018.
order will be processed but only shipped on 08 januari 2018!

07-12-2017: working on the high-end products section. Adding
aquatic drones very soon. During this month shipments can be
a little slower due high demand of x-mass orders but they will
be send out in time. The store will be open untill 1st of Januari.
then we will be closed for 1 week. We continue to process orders
during this time but no shipment will go out between 2 jan and 6 jan!

    happy hollidays!    

nearing the end of the year and we keep on changing
front-end and backend of the store for the better. meanwhile also
adding new products here and there. We are (still) working on some
big changes for the future but they take up a lot of time. We might
mentioned before but more profeesional High_end products/sollutions
will come and this might also be the store will split up to keep hobby
parts seperated from the high-end market. Again this will take some
time and for now all will be placed here..

If you are in need of consultancy or seek help to tackle your "problem"?!
do contact us, in many cases we deliver customized products to solve
your problems..

23-11-2017: Added new products last weeks and starting to taking
Horizon Hobby products Offline. This because Horizon does not leave
any profit anymore for retailers and want to do direct sales now.

More changes and new products will follow soon. We will also put DIY
racegates online soon. you can use them for tiny-whoop, and bigger size
racekopters. depending on how you want to use them. Including Multi-color
ledstrips (with remote) and strong standards to put them anywere.

05-11-2017: adding Kingkong q100 spareparts.

04-11-2017: New products from SmartAP coming online now

31-10-2017: Still making changes to backend of the store. Better
and faster payment modules, looking into new skins and setups.
We know that some catagories still needs to be filled with products,
but it is very busy at the moment talking with new manufacturers,
closing new deals and sorting out new products for the store.
So those new items will be added slowly, but if you already have
questions, do ask us. We cover a very large range of products, Even
if they are not mentioned yet. We just need to find the time... :)

and yes, sometimes we forget to update the NEWS page..
it is just very busy... :)

10-10-2017: Added new racegates and we are also working on
aluminated racegates. Will put them online soon.





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