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Contact by phone: (GMT +2)
Monday to Saturday:     16:00pm - 20:00pm
Sunday:      CLOSED
No shipments during the weekend!

16-11-2018:Worked on the backend of the store and upgrading some
modules. Fixing some minor Bugs and added a couple of new products.
A lot of products will be changed to newer or updated versions.
Also working on the database to improve page loading speeds.

15-10-2018:Added new antenna manufacturer, also more Hacker lipo's.
started to add new very large Genace Lipo's and more will follow.
Also the new MFD 1900 crosswind is for sale now.

24-09-2018: Fixed some minor bugs. Added new MyFlyDream FPV plane.
Now working on new antenna products.

14-09-2018: Starting to add a new line of Patch antennas. Delivery time
at the moment will be one week. They will come online this week!

08-09-2018:We are slowly cleaning out old stock and lowering prices in
many catagories. Most will be marked as "discount/sale ", and many wil get
a new and lower salesprice (not marked as discount/sale).
So do check around in the store and look up the products you are
interested in. A lot will change in the coming months..

All IFtron products have a huge discount now. We will NOT re-stock IFtron
anymore. So first comes first.We also have some IFtron demo gear laying
around which we can sell if it is not online in the store. Just contact us and
let us know what you are looking for. We might have some laying around!

07-09-2018: All problems fixed in the store. Working normal again. Continue
adding now prodcts and changing menu's to optimize the store!

04-09-2018: PHP problem seems to be solved. All seems to work normal now.
please report anything which seems out of normal working. Thank you!

03-09-2018: Solved some minor bugs. Still the PHP that shows on every page
is not solved but we are working on that without taking the whole store offline.

Also lowered prices for Scherrer UHF systems and some new products for
that will be added soon as well.

We are also still updating the Aerosim pages. It shows much more information
now, but it takes a lot of time to "bend and fold" all pages and display as we
want them too. So hang on with us in there. Still so many things to do :)

02-09-2018: At the moment we changed something in the store. It results
showing php code on every page when you scroll down. It does not influence
the working on the store but it can be annoying to see. You can still browse
the webstore and place orders. we are working to solve the problem asap!

01-09-2018: In the meantime also streamlining and sorting out backend
and products on the webstore. re-arranging menu's for faster browsing.
Also adding some extra plug-ins to make it more "user-friendly".

30-08-2018: Underwater drone is online ofr pre-order. Will be ready for
delivery very soon. Also adding more spareparts for Hacker A50 V3-V4
version motors.

27-08-2018: Working on the underwaterdrones section, will put up
those new items here soon!

Back from a short trip. Tons of work left over to do. New
products coming online soon, and having some good talks with new
manufacturers for more amazing products.

01-08-2018: Still working on improving loading time for the product
pages. Still need to fix a bug that displays prices in new / featured
products on the homepage. Hope to solve that soon. We are a little
bit behind adding all new products we can offer, there is so much
coming out and we only want to split the good products from the
cheap and bad ones. We really dont want to put everything up, just
to make money on sales and dont care about the rest.

Soon more will coming.

18-08-2018: Spareparts for hacker A motor series will be put online
in the coming days.

17-07-2018: Since a long time we are getting useless phonecalls
from callcenters trying to sell us oil, viagra and other rubbish. Since
we cant tell who is who many times we are considering shutting
down the phonelines or not answer. We suggest you email us or
leave a message on the answering machine. we will respond.
We might setup an electronics helpdesk as well were you can open
"tickets" for your questions.

E-mails will be answered within 24 hours.

10-07-2018: updated Hacker motors A50 series from V3 to V4
  Also added some new products.

29-06-2018: Did some major upgrades to the store last weeks. changed
some menus and added new products. Added new EL WIRE neon products.
 still changing the store here and there for better experience and shopping.
please notify us if you find some bugs. thank you!

10-06-2018: Done updating the store with new software. Do report if you
find abything wrong or not working. Will put new products to the store
this week.

17-05-2018: having some problems with the reCAPTCHA. meaning, if you
want to register as new customer, it can be rejected or difficult telling the
store you are not a robot. We are working on this and untill solved this
function will be disabled.

07-05-2018: Nothing much. Enjoying the sun and updated the backend
of the store a bit. Pages should load faster now. We worked on our
demonstration materials. they needed service and updates as well. :)

20-04-2018: Working hard on projects and preparing a lot new stuff
for this summer. To much to do, too less time to execute it as usual.
trying to free up time to add all new ideas and products to the store.
Eventually it will come, but never soon enough! :)

Got questions?! just email us!

11-04-2018: Did some backend work on the database. pages should
load faster now. next week we will start adding new products again.

03-04-2018: MFD shipment arrived. Shipping out all ordes today

31-03-2018: There is a slight delay in re-stocking MFD products.
we should have haad a shipment of UHF systems and other products
from MFD 2 weeks ago but the shipment seems stuck somewere
Underway. We are checking it and hope to have the products soon
se we can ship out the backorders...

19-03-2018: Running a bit behind with the news page. Also 2 weeks
having the Flu did not help either. Picking up the pace again now.
Having some new ideas for products and working out the design
of a new teaching drone for kids and adults. One you can customize
however you want. and can be easy taken apart again as well.
More of this another time...





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