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24-06-2017: adding hacker Q80 motor series

21-06-2017: started to add new Hacker Q-series motors

20-06-2017: Slowly getting back up to speed again to start filling the store up
with more products. We will also work on the new catagories en slowly fill
them up as well as soon we have some agreements with the manufacturers.

12-06-2017: Not many news at the moment. Working hard to create a new setup
and cleaning up a lot administration first to make all more transperant. Still
checking out for new products and there is so many to put in the store again, but
just need to find time for it. Now some other priorities needs to be attended to.
Not to worry, work continues all the time :)

21-05-2017: added some more products today and made changes to the menu's.

14-05-2017: Worked whole weekend on new menu structure for the drones section.
everything is splitted up in catagories and has to be more clear to find what you
are looking for. Also added some new kids drones and spareparts.
More will follow this week.

10-05-2017: Ok, we are back and picking up the pace again. Will work more
on the menu's and will add more products. We will also add more high end
products very soon..

01-05-2017: Ok, small timeout for us. from wednesday to sunday we will
not be in the office and cant send orders out. Orders will be processed and
shipped out next monday.

24-04-2017: Working on new sections with products for the store.
adding new products and making new agreements with new
manufacturers for high end products.

IFtron announced to stop producing video transmitters for a while,
because some components are very hard to find. They are redesigning
the video transmitters again and that will take at least 3 to 4 months.
We will sell what we have in stock and then we need to wait again.

15-04-2017: changed some options in the store, added new products
including very high quality fruit of the loom polo t-shirts. added some
very cool skins for the Jeti transmitters and we will continue to
add more cool stuff. We hope you like the new menu layout a bit.

Still waiting for the shipments of hte MFD nimbus1800. It seems the
plane is ready but we dont know what the delays are...

13-04-2017: SSL security is now active.                                                

Still catagorizing the main menu's. You probably noticed the
better changes already. Products are no more easy and faster to find.
Also new products will be added slowly again. In one or 2 days the SSL
certificate will be aproved and we have secure and encrypted data link
between the store and any customer..

06-04-2017: Later today we will have a secure encrypted SSL link added
to the store to have a secure encrypted link between the store and every
customer that visits. As you can see we already changed a lot and more
better changes will come soon as well.. Together with new products!

05-04-2017: Due high demand for IFtron Clearview receivers, Iftron is b
behind on schedule with producing the units in large numbers. New batch
will be released somewere end of next week and we will be the firstto have
them in stock again.

02-04-2017: The new MFD nimbus1800 is ready for shipping. The price
we have online is not set yet but it will be close to that. We are taking
pre-orders and if the price seems to be lower we will refund the difference.
IF the price is a little higher we will notify you so you can pay extra or
cancel the order. In last case we fully refund offcourse! :)

31-03-2017: Fixed some bugs with paypal. Also worked on better to
understand menu's and subfolders. We will change the layout of the
homepage as well to set sepcial products in the spotlights.

Also added a new range of speedcontrollers from Hacker called
UAV and multikopter controllers. More products will be added soon.

22-03-2017: Fixed a minor paypal bug. You can now use paypal again
without getting an error message!

21-03-2017: Minimized the main menu much more. making it more clear
were the products are. Still working on it. If you cant find your product,
please use the "search" option. They are still there. only on a different
location in the menu's ! We will continue to work on this the whole week!
please report any problems or mistakes! thank you.

20-03-2017: not done yet streamlining the main menu. Still working on it.
probably will take us this whole week to replace a lot of items in new
catagories. we will also add new products in the process..

19-03-2017: Started to work on re-designing the main menu to find products
easyer and faster. The menu will be spliited up and catagorized better.
If you cant find a product you can use the "find" option or ask us by email.
meanwhile we will add new products as well..  do report anything that feels "wrong"!

moved a couple of menu's to the new "electronics" folder. If you cant find your
your products anymore, do check there. We are not finished yet and will
continue tomorrow again...

13-03-2017: Shipment of RitewingRC mini Draks is underway to us. Most of
them are already sold out on pre-order. there are only 8pcs left for this shipment.
next shipment will take at least 4 to 5 weeks... be fast if you want one of the 1st!

11-03-2017: At the moment not many new things to report. Waiting for new
shipment of headsets and will add a couple more new products in the weekend.
Working on the backend of the store a lot to improve speed and change
minor setups. Will try to work out a better main meny (tabs) to have a
better overview of the product range.

08-03-2017: Having contact with MyFlyDream several times a week about
the new Nimbus plane, it seems it is in the ending fase. At the moment
all flights did perform well and theyare working on the tail boom as final
preperation. It seems right now it is not detacheable yet but it will pretty
soon. Then the plane i finished. We already got the prices and shipment
costs to set a final price. We are just witing for some pictures to put it
online ofr pre-order. Shipment costs are a bit high due the size of the carton.

21-02-2017: We all were pretty ill here last 2 weeks. could not do much in
the store. Only toke care of orders and shipping. Right now it's not 100%
yet but slowly picking up the pace. Still a lot of work to catch up and then
we will continue with new products and store updates.
Thank you for understanding.

Meanwhile the MyFlyDream Nimbus had a short delay again but we got
confirmation that the bird will be ready now in 2 weeks. Still no news
from Scherrer UHF systems so we are focussing now on the MyFlyDream
UHF systems which are also pretty good, to fill in that gap.

Also working hard behind the screens to have our store and our Partners
be ready for the TUSexpo in the Hague end of April.

29-01-2017: Due to chinese new year we can run low on stock with some
products. They will be restocked 2th week of februari.

Also adding several new products today!

26-01-2017: Oh dear, time did fly. a bit late with updates here but working a lot
outside on new products and projects. Can't say anything at the moment about
new products. Most is online already and it is very quiet. not in a worse way but
chinese new year also started. Working on getting a pretty decent stock again.
No news yet on new UHF systems from scherrer so we are starting to push
the MFD UHF systems now which are actually pretty good as well.

The new MFD Nimbus will come after CNY (offcourse another little delay!)   XD
but it will be a good one...

Already working on a new website sepcialized in High end UAV, UAS platforms
and all parts that come with it. Many camera's and equipment cant be sold to the
hobby'ist and need a place on a different website. So our attention is devided a
bit due the new setups... but still working on better performance here as well.





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