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19.03.2019:  Fixed some minor bugs and a lot of broken links.
Cleaning up the whole database and removing obsolete products.
Takes a lot of time.... Meanwhile still adding some new products, and working
on the back-end of the store a lot. You might not see many changes yet,
however that will come... Any questions, do mail us!

22-02-2019: Slowly getting along with the new to FPV pages.
Also working on the backend of the store and changing a lot.
hopefully you will see the results soon, but it takes much longer
then we expected..!

10-02-2019: Setting up a special corner for the new customers to FPV.
here you can find the knowledge every beginner needs to start
flying FPV and how to use the products! 
Sections will be online after next weekend.

08-02-2019: not much time to add new products the last weeks, very busy
on other sections to improve the webstore. Hope to work on the store
products soon again. :)

28-01-2019: Done with inventory, still clearing old stock and lowering prices :)

11-01-2019: Changing the store on many fronts, adding new products as
promised but also lowering prices on many products. Slowly clearing "old"
stock and make room for new products. Seen anything you want?, just ask
us if we can discount you a bit, It takes a lot of time to discount the products!.

01-01-2019:Best wishes to you all for 2019!

25-12-2018:Some new products arrived in stock, will be adding them
coming days..

21-12-2018: No season xmass stuff of pictures this year on the website.
just no time to give that priority. Working on a lot of products and changes
for 2019 to come to the store..

20-12-2018: starting 01 jan 2019 we will no longer be available by phone.
you can reach us by email and in several cases we provide you with a
temporary skype account for the more swerious questions and/or help.

14-12-2018: Very busy finishing administration for this year. Sorting out
inventory and old products which will be sold soon for big discounts.
No time yet to put up new products but can asure that a lot is already
here, only no time to get them online..
looking for something?, just ask. we might already have it..

16-11-2018: Worked on the backend of the store and upgrading some
modules. Fixing some minor Bugs and added a couple of new products.
A lot of products will be changed to newer or updated versions.
Also working on the database to improve page loading speeds.

15-10-2018: Added new antenna manufacturer, also more Hacker lipo's.
started to add new very large Genace Lipo's and more will follow.
Also the new MFD 1900 crosswind is for sale now.

24-09-2018: Fixed some minor bugs. Added new MyFlyDream FPV plane.
Now working on new antenna products.

14-09-2018: Starting to add a new line of Patch antennas. Delivery time
at the moment will be one week. They will come online this week!

08-09-2018:We are slowly cleaning out old stock and lowering prices in
many catagories. Most will be marked as "discount/sale ", and many wil get
a new and lower salesprice (not marked as discount/sale).
So do check around in the store and look up the products you are
interested in. A lot will change in the coming months..

All IFtron products have a huge discount now. We will NOT re-stock IFtron
anymore. So first comes first. We also have some IFtron demo gear laying
around which we can sell if it is not online in the store. Just contact us and
let us know what you are looking for. We might have some laying around!





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