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Monday to Saturday:     16:00pm - 20:00pm
Sunday:      CLOSED
No shipments during the weekend!

10-10-2017: Added new racegates and we are also working on
aluminated racegates. Hiope to have them online soon.

24-09-2017: Done adding new long range systems and dataradio's.
Now working on the other sections which still needed to be updated.
Also new VTOL products will come online soon.

22-09-2017: It seems the UPS shipping module is working again. Still
need some testing so if you find something odd while using UPS
shipment, please notify us.

02-09-2017: Added some new long range products again. Price might
vary a little, still a lot of new stuff to put online... more to come

30-08-2017: Adding new products. Still working on the backend to
solve some minor bugs. If you find something strange, please report!

22-08-2017: Still working on the UPS module. it has hickups and will
not calculate correct shipping costs. We are working on it so for
shipping options, please select PostNL.

18-08-2017: Back in the office again. handling shipments and on customer
requests added more proffesional Hubsan drones and spareparts.
Will also start adding various drone propellers in between all other work
that still lays around ;).

Also had contact with Scherrer UHF . There seem to be some wild rumours around
About their systems but all V7 products are still available and they are working on
new systems as well. Not to be expected this year!!

11-08-2017: Out of the office untill next wednesday !!

04-08-2017: still fighting with the backend UPS shipping module. If you
find problems or we detect some when working on your order
(if you choose UPS), we will let you know and correct it before shipping.

Also trying to add new products. Still so many things to work on. If you
need anything that isnt listed yet, please ask us. We probably have it or
can deliver it in a very short time. Still a lot of work in progress.
thank you for understanding.

25-07-2017: Slowly focussing now on the other new sections which still
need to be filled up. If you have any questions about products belong in
sections that are not fiished yet, please mail us. We can provide them
already but we are short on staff and hours to work on the store.
There are no delays in shipping at the moment!

12-07-2017: still on the motors section, getting nuts..

08-07-2017: Still adding more motors :)
amazing how much work still left to be done.

24-06-2017: adding hacker Q80 motor series

21-06-2017: started to add new Hacker Q-series motors

20-06-2017: Slowly getting back up to speed again to start filling the store up
with more products. We will also work on the new catagories en slowly fill
them up as well as soon we have some agreements with the manufacturers.

12-06-2017: Not many news at the moment. Working hard to create a new setup
and cleaning up a lot administration first to make all more transperant. Still
checking out for new products and there is so many to put in the store again, but
just need to find time for it. Now some other priorities needs to be attended to.
Not to worry, work continues all the time :)

21-05-2017: added some more products today and made changes to the menu's.

14-05-2017: Worked whole weekend on new menu structure for the drones section.
everything is splitted up in catagories and has to be more clear to find what you
are looking for. Also added some new kids drones and spareparts.
More will follow this week.

10-05-2017: Ok, we are back and picking up the pace again. Will work more
on the menu's and will add more products. We will also add more high end
products very soon..





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