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Skycarver EVO II


Product Code: SkycarvEVOII
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

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SkyCarver EVO II

The SkyCarver EVO II is an outdoor fun model made of robust EPP.
The model is perfect for fast aerobatics, combat, slope flying and spontaneous flying
in between.

The SkyCarver EVO II owns an enormous speed range and can be both rapid
and fast as well as very slow and calm.

The light take-off weight in combination with the EPP material make the SkyCarver EVO II
a great all-round model with excellent flight performance.

The SkyCarver EVO II can be assembled quickly and easily, making it the perfect
model for both beginners and professionals. Even after a crash, the model is thanks to the
EPP construction repaired quickly.

Product data:

2 pcs. EPP wing, EPP stabilizers, EPP winglets, narrow EPP fuselage,
2x 1.5x660mm carbon rod, 2x 1.5x300mm carbon rod, linkage parts



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