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BW Space Tracking Underwater Drone.


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BW Space Tracking Underwater Drone.

The world's 1st intelligent tracking underwater Drone

BW Space is the world's first underwater robot that can recognize
images and intelligently follow the target, and also the live broadcast
function, which can be transmitted underwater.
It is a smart
underwater photography robot used in underwater entertainment,
underwater adventures and other fields.

BW Space has two intelligent functions:
1. Intelligent tracking: Locks on and automatically follow the target
divers underwater.

2. Intelligent light adjustment: Intelligently adjusts the light according to
the surrounding light conditions.

Automatic Light Adjustment
3 Type Tether Length
(50m / 100m / 150m)
1080P Real-time
1380x2 Lumens
LED Lights
3 Powerful Propellers
Bluetooth Controller
IOS / Android App
128G Storage

High-performance camera
4K UHD Video
3840 * 2160 30fps
12MP Camera
1200 Megapixel
F2.0 Aperture
1 / 2.5 "CMOS Sensor

Turn on Smart Follow and Shooting modes. Locks the target on the App,

Make the underwater shooting become more intelligent.

Intelligent lights adjust automatically
The 2 LED lights can illuminate the ocean bed to give you your optimal
viewing and can self-adjust to its surroundings.

Humanized handle design, graceful
streamlined appearance, smooth lines, ergonomics, comfortable grip,
very easy to carry to sea.

Maximum Depth: 100 meters 328ft
Battery Life: Max.7 Hours
Maximum Speed: 2 m / s 4 knots

Live underwater entertainment or live competitions,

APP remote control shooting, underwater broadcast easily. Share the wonderful
live underwater with your friends or on-site audience without missing any exciting
moments. It is widely used in many scenes such as underwater entertainment events, diving,
archeology, and live broadcast or TV programs to enjoy the on-the-spot feel and immersive
stimulation experience brought by live broadcasting.

Dimensions 20.5 * 15.4 * 5.5 in Weight 10lb
Dimensions 52.07 * 39.12 * 13.97 cm Weight 4.6KG


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