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Lipo Fly 35A speed controller


Product Code: 081635LipoFly35Aspeedcontroller

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LiPo Fly 35

(LiPo-Fly 7, 14, 25, 35 and 50)

Speedcontroller for brushed motors. Discharging  batteries untill they are complete empty are
very bad for the lifespan of the battery and can result in defects. Our  LiPo-Fly-controller has a construction
that  it will turn of the power to the motor when the battery becomes dangerously low.
The controller will allow power to the steering controls for safe landings. The speedcontroller can also
work with NiCD and NiMH batteries to give the r/c flyer a hughe range to choose from
wkich battery type to use with the brushed motor!

Technical info:

cells NiCD/NiMH: 5 - 12
cells LiPo: 2 - 4
power: 35A
inside resistance: 1,75mOhm
frequency: 1,3kHz
FETs: 7
EMK-brake: programmable
battery connect cable: 1,68mm²
Motor connect: 1,68mm²
measurements(mm): 36x18x11
Weight (including cable): 29g


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