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This SBEC switching regulator Jeti models it is possible to provide their receiver
directly from the flight battery with the necessary voltage and current.
With staggering, 12A pulsed current, the SBEC works with 2-10s LiPo batteries
and can output an output voltage of 5-8V optional. We from the house hackers are
using it
, for example in our work helicopters to replace the bulky and heavy receiver
. Ideal also in the operation of 2S LiPo / LiFe as powerful supply the
RC systemon models with Verbrennermotor or more than 10S.

Technical specifications:
Rec. Input Voltage: 6 - 42V
Max. Input voltage: 50V
Dimensions approx .: 60x28x10mm
Weight approx .: 29g
Quiescent Current: 140-600μA (7-42V)
Max. Temperature: 85 ° C
Pulse current:
Quiescent Current:
140μA (at 2S Lipo)
Constant current: 3,5-6A, depending on the input voltage
Selectable output voltage: 5.0V; 5.5V; 6.0V; 7,0V; 8.0V
ON / OFF switch: designed as a safety switch, with a defect always ON



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