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Terms & Conditions


I  M  P  O  R  T  A  N  T      N  O  T  I  C  E  !
When you agree to our TERMS & CONDITIONS, you automatically agree
to have read and understood our PRIVACY POLICY as well.

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Unless told otherwise, all orders are paid in advance!

Due to Covid19 we have a 24 to 48 hour response time on emails.
as mentioned on the homepage, handling and shipping time is also slower

bank transfer:
KNAB Bank: NL77 KNAB 0504 2582 57
                 Righthere in Bergschenhoek
                       Iban: NL77 KNAB 0504 2582 57
                            dont forget to mention your order nr!

Bank Address:
Thomas R. Malthusstraat 1-3
                           1066 JR Amsterdam    

Important Notice
Due to recent changes by PayPal in calculating their fees we cannot refund the paypal
fee when you make use of paypal and you return or cancel an order once the PayPal
payment is made. You will receive your money minus a small percentage PayPal calculated
for using its service. Do not make a PayPal payment if you do not agree with this.

After placing an order you have to option to be redirected to the PayPal page for payment!
( For use of paypal in the store, an additional 4% paypal will be calculated to your order!)

iDeal payments:
(only for customers in the Netherlands!)

Shipment methodes:

Shipment Options:
Note: when choosing a shipment option without insurance,
Risk of damage or loss is at customers end

Standard shipment will be with PostNL (TNT / EMS).

UPS Shipping: choose any option of UPS for faster and more secure shipping!
UPS shipping is more expensive!!

UPS shipping options.PDF

in case a shipment (with insurance) gets lost or damaged, then an investigation wil be
started. During the investigation we will NOT replace or refund the shipment. Only when the
investigation is over and the shipping company paid a claim to E-Store, then we will refund
or replace the lost or damaged shipment. this can take from 1 to 8 weeks maximum!

Products will be shipped directly or within 24 hours business after receiving full payment!!
  On a few (bussy) occasions it will be shipped in 48 hours maximum.
(Exceptions will expend this time!) After this time customers will be notifie of the delay!
no shipments during the weekend. Orders placed on friday afternoon will be shipped on
the next monday

Payments from outside the netherlands have to be with us within 10 day's!.
After 10 days the order will be canceled automaticaly
We keep the right without further notice to refuse or remove any order from the customer!

If  in any case the order cant be processed or other problems arrise,
we will notify the customer for further action.!
On any point we can and will refund the customer or give a voucher after consulting the customer

If there are product or delivery problems, E-store will update the "NEWS" page and the customer can read all
about it before placing an order.

Only true shipping and packing/handling costs will be calculated. Handling costs are included
into the shipping costs on your invoice and are not mentioned seperate!

You Can not pickup your orders at our warehouse!
only on very rare occasions this can be done.

per order we charge +/- 2.50 euro for handling costs. this is calculated into the shipping costs!
This is for collecting, administration, picking and packing material, delivery to postoffice, etc....
handling price can vary due to the higher and lower rates of the U.S Dollar.
We will keep the same product prices but compensate with the handling costs.

Products on sale, or sold with discounts, can not be returned or refunded ! !
Products specially build or designed for customers can not be send back or refunded.
This also means the single products used to build this product.

Our own manufactured products are tested before they leave the assembly floor.
They are designed for a special (FPV) purpose. Using them for a different purpose then FPV
related oprations will void your warranty or return for repairs or refund.
When used for different setups then the standard FPV setups or what we recommend,
the performance can drasticly decrease! This is NO reason to return the product and we
can not refund in any way..

IF a customer sends a product back for refund, we will test it first. If the product is

damaged by missuse or defect, there will be no claim on it.

A customer can return a product for full refund if the shipment is not opened or used
in any way within 14 days. If the product is out of its original packing how it was send,
you can not return it anymore for a refund. as described above, the return policy does
not apply on custom made products manufactured by us, products that are not
"off the shelf" or product on sale / discount !!

Once the customer receives his shipment he can only return it for a refund when the shipment is
unopened and not used in any way. Products need to be tested within 1 week after purchase.
We do not take products back that are "older" then 2 week after delivery,
Even if the shipment is unopenend.

For Dutch customers that use iDeal there will be a 0.75 euro fee for use with iDeal Payments.
When a order is canceled afterwards, this fee cannot be refunded!

When an order is not in stock (by mistake), the customer will be contacted or get an automated email
about this and when the delivery of this product possibly take place! When possible, a partial delivery
can be made untill this product will be in stock again on request of the customer!

If an product can't be delivered anymore for any reason, then there will be no charge for this
item/products! If any payment is already made, the price for this item/product will be refunded
to the bank account it was received from, or a discount coupon will be provided for next orders.
The customer will be contacted and chose between those options!

When a product is ordered while on backorder, it will be shipped as soon as it is back in stock again.
if in any case this is taking longer than 2 months and the customer wants to cancel, we can not
refund the payment in cash but will give a discount coupon for it. For full cash refund the customer
has to cancel within 2 months time.

We do NOT give any warranty on helicopters, planes or electronics parts for r/c equipment!
Due to unproffesional use and/or adjustments to helikopters and planes motors, electronics,
battery and others can be easely damaged. Almost all products are tested by our team
before shipping out! In some cases there is warranty.
This will be discussed by us with the manufacturer directly.

When making an order from our webstore, we always take the prices from that moment.
This date and time will also be mentioned on your pro-forma invoice.
Prices can change due exchange rates or different prices from the manufacturers.

After updating the webstore, the customer can't rely on the old prices before the change.
Neither he/she can get any rights from this

E-store is not responsible for typographic errors. Information contained in advertisements
is neither confirmed or warranted

In case there are no delivery terms mentioned. E-store staff will decide about this issue in the
best interestof the customer and E-store!  This decission will be final! All prices mentioned
are including 21% VAT/TAX. Company's outside the Netherlands but within Europe, can buy
VAT / TAX free if they have a validEU VAT registration number and can send us a copy!
Company's without a valid VAT / TAX numberhave to buy including VAT / TAX and can deduct
the VAT/TAX again with their VAT/TAX agency!!
residents outside EUROPE can buy without VAT / TAX. At the moment this is an automated
process but if it doesnt work, please contact us after your checkoutand wewill change your
invoice!! Otherwise you will be taxed as standard.

We take care for proper shipment and packing. The customer needs to check it when receiving
the shipment from the post office! If there is any damage then take this up directly with your
postman/office and take a note of this! The post office is responsible for proper delivery of
your shipment! Once signed for a shipment, E-Store can not held responsible for any hidden damage!
In case a shipment gets lost or is not received, then you have to claim it with your postoffice.
This is only for 2th class shipment (Package posting)!
Always show the (proforma) invoice and the value of the shipment.

Return Shipments:
Return shipments (for any reason) always need an RMA number given by E-Store.
Return shipments without RMA number will be refused and returned.
Return shipment costs are for the customer. (Exclusion: when the wrong product is being delivered)
Shipment costs between E-Store and manufacturer
are on the account of E-Store. In case of warranty, E-Store will ship back to the customer for free.
In case that the manufacturer can claim the defect was by mistake of the customer, then this customer
has to pay all shipment costs between him/her, E-Store and the manufacturer, including repair costs.
In such a case E-Store will contact the customer first how to proceed!

E-Store can not be hold responsible for shipments that are taken and/or being destroyd by customs
since they are not allowed in your country or being allowed on transport. The customer is responsible
to know if a product sold by E-Store is allowed in the country provided on the delivery address.
In such a case, no refund or claim can be made!


On some electronics there is NO return policy. This to the fact customers can easy swap the eletronics
and send us the defect part back for a refund. In such a case information will be provided on the
product page.

discount vouchers, Gift vouchers, or any other store credit are only valid for 1 year after receiving it.
By not using any of those vouchers your voucher will be void after 1 year.

With every product you buy, it comes with bonus points. Those points can be turned into discount
with your next order. Take note that bonuspoints are only valid for 6 months after getting them.
After this period, they will expire on date of purchase.
If you have more then one order and therefore more bonus points spreaded out. The oldest
one will expire the first (6 months) and not all that come later that date.

Do read all text carefully!

Notice: The use and operation of some FPV products in Europe and other countries may require an
amateur/ham radio license, and some countries may forbid its use entirely. It is the responsibility
of the purchaser to ensure that the use of this product meets the requirements imposed by your
government’s rules and regulations for RF devices. Do not purchase this product if you are unsure
of the government requirements or are not able to comply with them.

E-store International cannot be held responsible for your actions if you purchase
and/or use this product in violation of your government's regulations.




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