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RCPROPLUS Soldering Station tool (third hand)


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RCPROPLUS Soldering Station tool (third hand)

This is the RCPROPLUS Soldering Station. This simple yet ingenious stand
features a low profile design tri-pod base with rubberized feet to help That
preventinfo the base from sliding on your workbench surface. The horizontal
stabilizer bar mounts Securely to the vertical center post and Allows you to
adjust the height up and down, and holds three wire alligator clips That can be
easily slid into position. Also, the stabilizer bar can be rotated through 180 °,
making the bottom side of the wires the top! Never worry about holding still for
the perfect soldier job again, let the RCPROPLUS soldering state do it for you.

       Simple, low profile design with tri-pod rubber grip feet
       Highly adjustable stabilizer bar and clip positions
       3 Wire clips work with 8 ~ 14 AWG wire


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