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About Us

E-store Started in Rotterdam 2006 and is now located in Bergschenhoek, Netherlands!

We started the shop due extension of a hobby with r/c toys!! This because some major r/c stores in
the surrounding area had such bad service, bad customer support, no knowledge of the products,
no spare parts (which resulted in waiting for nearly 2 months on your spares!), amazing high
prices, getting your products and finding out you have very old electronics which "they"
wanted to sell first so they wont get stuck with it!. Most of all selling products with absolutely
NO backup spare parts! once you bought a simple product and you break something, there
was no other way then to buy a complete new r/c toy. Also "this/those" store(s) push her/their
most expensive products to the costumer and guess what...
Full support on spare parts on those high priced models! For us that was a NO GO!
Off course not all r/c stores where so bad only one rotten apple as a matter of speaking,
but many r/c users and r/c store holders know which company(s) we are talking about.

After buying some parts and heli's on ebay and adjusting it to our own standards, friends would
like to have some too, due to the good flight results we made! After this we sold some on internet
and many people continued to ask them. After this small success and happy costumers we started
with bigger orders directly from Walkera! Due to good support and understanding from Walkera, we
could custumize our heli's directly from Walkera. This way we can always offer our up to date
products for a low price!! Our specifications are always changing and are the best price related
around at this moment!
At the moment we made a switch from helicopters to FPV products and
planes for the hobbyist and the professional user.
Once all Walkera helikopters and Walkera parts are sold out we cant restock since Walkera
does not make them anymore! Due to the different direction our store goes we stop (for now)
with selling standard helikopters for hobby use.

We are more and more specialized into the FPV market and at the moment developing our own
hardware for this market as well. Customers that have good ideas for new developments also ask
us to see if it is worth developing it. if so, we work on it and put it into our store for very good prices.

At the moment we are manufacturing products as well since many (FPV) electronics are
too expensive (in our believe) and do not  have the performance as promised.
Therefore we started buying proffesional manufacturing equipment and many products are
already on the shelf with great performance and reasenable costs. Most Items we create have
laboratorium reports / certificates with them to show the actual performance!
At the moment we are manufacturing complete platforms as well for hobby and
proffesional use. More and more products will leave our workshop every time again.

We pay great attention to service for our costumers!. Due to a lot of positive reactions of costumers,
we are very driven to continue to deliver the best products for the best prices!! We also look to the
future with new developments and techniques. New models and electronics will be added
all times!. therefore our inventory will keep on growing!!! We also get a lot of new costumers from
"competing" shops, telling us that the service and support (also the prices) from E-store
are much much better!!

E-store is specialized and OFFICIALimport agent for many FPV manufacturers for
the Netherlands and surrounding countries (even Europe and outside Europe).
For FPV we always test the products ourselves, so we can give the best information
to our customers and tell what they really need. We are NOT carton pushers and only sell
the products we believe in. So the customers willl always have the best products for
the best price!

At the moment we are slowly moving to provide the High-End market as well with tailor
made sollutions. We do a lot of consultancy and help companies to setup their own
UAV/UAS/drone for almost every field of work. We advise, build, deliver, and manufacture
platforms for air / on water and below water. fitted for recriational and professional use.
autonomous and/or remote piloted !

In this field we can deliver low cost, custom made sollutions as well

Good luck with your hobby / business !!

Righthere Crew

E-store International is registred with chamber of commerce Rotterdam: Nr 24424885
VAT number will be mentioned on every invoice!!




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