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MFD mini Crossbow AAT


Product Code: MFDminiXbow
Condition: New

Manufacturer: MyFlyDream

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MFD mini Crossbow AAT

MyFlyDream mini Crossbow AAT(Automatic Antenna Tracker)
mini Crossbow is a light-weight, robust, new gerneration Antenna Tracker.
It supports VBI downlink (supported by MFD AP, MFD Crosshair, TeleFlyPro, TeleFlyTiny...)
And Also supports MAVLink V1.0/V2.0

And now you can connect up to 10 mini Crossbow AATs by CAN-BUS and
fly with your firends! Everybody can see other's position on their OSD.

Note:Not including TeleFlyTiny modules

How to feed MAVlink data to your mini Crossbow AAT


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