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N  E  W  S  P  A  G  E  ! !

2020.01.26: Updated and changed some modules. Giving more reward
points per placed order for future discounts. Added some new products
as well. Slowly continue working on updates and making small but
important changes here and there. New shipping module also seems
to work, giving more splitted options.

2020.01.24: continue to add new products to the store. Much more to
come as well. At the moment not much time left to work on the store front.
However we will come up with a whole new sking for the storefront
eventually :)

2020.01.22: New shipping module is up and running. Now it has more
options to choose from making giving it a better overview as well.
Shipment costs are including 2 euro extra for picking and packing materials!

If you encounter any problems, please let us know.

2020.01.21: Tweaking a new shipping module at the moment to give
you more options and splitted costs. (read comment yesterday)!

Still Waiting on MyFlyDream to deliver new pics, videos, info and prices
for the new VTOL. Due to upcoming chinese newyear they are very
Busy with all sorts of things.

2020.01.20: It came to our attention that several customers mentioned
the higher shipping costs per 1 januari 2020. The postal services raise
shipping costs every year beginning januari and splitted it up in more
options. At the moment we are looking into a shipping module to give you
more options and prices. At the moment the only option for parcel service
is including tracking and insurance up to 500 euro. Also take notice
(as mentioned in the terms and conditions) that we calculate 2 euro
hadnling costs for packing materials, picking and processing into
the shipping costs.

2020.01.12: Did not get all info yet from MyFlyDream for the new
VTOL. We could not add it yet to the store. Hope to get new pics
and info soon...

2020.01.11: Cleaning our Scherrer UHF products, lowering prices
on the last products in stock. Scherrer UHF products will NOT be
restocked again

2020.01.06: A lot of new goodies to come to the store.
Still working hard on a totally new design for the store, which takes
much more time to implement then we expected. Either way the store
Is running much smoother and faster and already new products
are online at the moment.

Starting with the new VTOL from MyFlyDream. It is ready to be shipped
out now!! Coming online in the store this weekend.

202.01.02: Back from a short break and ready to work on the store
and new products again.

2020.01.01: Happy Newyear and best wishes for 2020




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