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N  E  W  S         P  A  G  E  ! !

2022.01.27: Done updating the hacker Glider motors under 3kg section
Starting now with the <10kg section.

2022.01.11: Almost finished up on the hacker motors F3A section.
Just some sparepart left to add for the motors in that section.
Just started on new Glider motors in all weight classes. Those are all
new products and will be added almost daily untill done. bit by bit.
they are a lot so it takes a while :)

2022.01.10: Still working on the motors section. Also noticed we need to update
the hacker lipo section since there are a lot of price changes. Prices are up, and
we need to adjust that very soon... disregard the prices shown at the moment
with the hacker lipo's. need a price, just ask if you need too.

2022.12.30: Working on the Hacker motors F3A section today.
Adding motors to this new section !

2022.12.25: Updated and activated the mobile skin now.
Should work normally on all phones and tablets!

2022.12.23: Working on the hacker motors A and Q series. removing older motors,
adding new motors and moving / updating the sections.

On the backside of the store new modules and updates also take place.
please report any bugs or problems you run into. thank you.

2022.12.19: Almost done updating/adding the new hacker motors E series section.
Then we will work and update the other motors section(s)

2022.12.18: Starting to work on and updating the Hacker motor section.
added a lot new motors today, not finished yet. Much more to come.

2022.12.12: Taking the FPV headset section offline for now. Will return
soon with new products and prices. cleaning out the old products.
This can take some time...

2022.12.11: Done updating and sorting Hacker Speedcontrollers section.
Adding new Kontronik products to the Hackewr section now and more
new product in the following days.

2022.12.09: Updating and sorting the Hacker Speedcontroller section.
Old products deleted and new products added.

2022.09.20: Pricedrop again in shipping costs for MyFlyDream planes.
Shipping costs are still high but they ge lower already.
Shipping costs around €120 for europe.

2022.09.09: Still around. working on a very slow pace since it is veryu hard
to get new stuff from manufacturers. A lot just stopped due economic reasons
Or are way understaffed as everybody in the world right now.
Not many manufacturers come out with new parts as well...

Good thing is that MFD is slowly shipping out planes again adn we already
have some in stock. Trackers and other MFD products are always in stock.




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