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DUPLEX 2.4EX Main Switch 200 + Magnetic Switch (Delivery time: on request)


Product Code: 80001232
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

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Main Switch 200
Main Switch is an electronic switch designed primarily for switching of the main power supply for an RC model. It adds an element of safety when handling the model, without the need to physically disconnect the model´s batteries. A big advantage of electronic switches in comparison to mechanical switches is, in general, their higher reliability as far as vibration resistance is concerned. The Main Switch prevents the connectors from sparking when connecting the batteries, thus it can also replace Anti Spark plugs.
The Main Switch is shipped with a magnetic switch. It is also possible to use the optional RC Switch instead of the magnetic switch. The Main Switch is primarily designed for switching the main power supply of the RC models, but can also be used in applications where switching a DC power supply is needed.
The Main Switch can measure voltage, current, consumed capacity of the battery connected in the model and also temperature. Alarms can be set to monitor maximum current, minimum voltage, maximum consumed capacity, and maximum temperature.
Weight [g]: 140
Dimensions [mm]: 80 x 36 x 25
Sustained current [A]: 200
Telemetry: Yes (voltage, current, capacity, temperature)
Operational temperature [°C]: -20 ... 85
Recommended input voltage [V]: 9 ... 51
Idle current [µA]: 110
Number of battery inputs: 1
Input voltage max. [V]: 51



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