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MFD Nimbus 1900 crosswind V2


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Manufacturer: MyFlyDream

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MFD Nimbus 1900 crosswind V2
with upgraded tail section!

Movie above is simular nimbus1800

 MFD Nimbus 1900 Crosswind is a dual rotor long range FPV RC Plane That can
serve various purposes like Long Range Thermal FPV, mapping and surveying,
Surveillance and Security, Search and Rescue, competitions, etc. payload drop

It features quick assembly and disassembly, modular design, wing and the head
cover are connected by double hook forms, very convenient to use.
The carbon tube has leg extended to three quarters of the wing, wing great
strength. Battery compartment can hold up to 6S LiPo battery 22000mAh, for
long flight endurance upto 2.5 hours+ (without gimbal or any cargo!).

To carry extra gear in the super sized fusealge, wing chord has been
increased along with hinged control surfaces for safety.

Wingspan: 1900mm

Length: 1287mm
Height: 394mm
AUW: 4~6.5KG
Cruise Speed: 52~70km/h
Max Speed: 130km/h

Power: 4s - 6s Battery
** Motor: 2820 600kv
** ESC: 40-60A
** Propeller: 2x 11x7
** Servos: 3x 17g, 1x 9g

** (available in dropdown menu as package)

Nimbus Kit - (EPO, plastic, wood, metal... components)
Nothing assembled, requires electronics



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