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BMI Arrow 1500 PnP


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BMI Arrow 1500 PnP

Larger version of the Cloudsfly (Floaterjet)
and the Arrow 1400

The Arrow 1500 electric motor glider is the ideal first model for learning
to fly with a radio controlledmodel plane 1n the most safe conditions.

Very stable and easy to fly thanks to its ailerons with separate servo
as well as rudder and elevator controls.

No paintng nor sanding required. the model is airborne m one hour
The pusher prop gives extra safel! and the rear mounted motor a better protection.

Made and moulded from tough EPO-FLEX foam so crash resistant and
can easily be repaired With CA, 2 component glue or contact glue

Its excellent gliding characteristics permits long flights for extended practice

Can reach high speeds in a short amount of time and glide gently to land
thanks to its forgiving and large wing design

The model powered by a powertul brushless motor (2400Kv)
with a 5x5 propeller permitting longand confortable flights .

Fuselage:  EPO
Wing area:  30,60 dm2
Weight:  670 g
Construction:  P&F
Span:  1500 mm
length 1015mm
ESC:  30A
Prop: 5x5
Motor: Bll 2627 kv 2400

This set includes:
pre installed electronics
servo's, motor and speedcontroller



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