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Cloudsfly PnP


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(picture in flight is our own FPV camera cloudsfly for demonstration!)

Cloudsfly (Floater-Jet)

The Clouds FLy ( new strong foam glider,super suit for the beginer)
•  New strong foam , more tough and very smooth in surface
•  Brushless power system, supply plenty power
•  Small in size, easy to transport
•  Fly very steady ,very easy to assemble and control(10-15 minutes)

Wing span: 1.28 M/50.3 inches
wing area: 0.23 sq. m.
weight: 470g with all electronics including RX (NO battery)
length: 0.86 M/33.8 inches
Motor: Out runner brushless motor: 2208N 2200 KV
speed controller / ESC: 0A Brushless ESC with switching BEC
Servos: 3-4 9g servos

Needed to complete:
Any 4ch+ Transmitter
Lipo 22C 2500mAh 11,1volt battery   (Recommended!)

Brushless Motor
25A speedcontroller





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