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Parkfun Sonic185 RTF


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LIPOSTAR turbo 2200mAh 3N-11.1v 25C 3s1p 50C burstLIPOSTAR turbo 2200mAh 3N-11.1v 25C 3s1p 50C burst€20.25


You like glider looks, you like bigger models, you are searching for performance...
The Sonic 185 EP glider combines it all. The model is made of a special foam material that is
more crash resistant and reinforced where needed with carbonfibre rods. The model is
 controlled over 3 axis that makes it very manouvrable. The overall flying characteristics
of the Sonic 185 are forgiving and extremely stable. Very good gliding performance and even
aerobatics are possible. The installed brushless motor in combination with the folding propeller
guarantees extreme climbing rates and power all time.

Completely factory assembled model made of crash resistant foam
All electronics installed and adjusted;
5-channel FM receiver
8g precision micro servos (4x)
"Brushless" ESC, brushless motor with folding propeller
Professional 4-channel FM transmitter with servo reverse function, charger socket and flightsimulator output.
Li-Po battery 7,4V 1800mAh
Automatic "Balance" Li-Po charger
Mains charger power supply
USB flightsimulator interface cable to connect the transmitter to your PC
FREE FMS flightsimulator freeware

Wingspan: 1850mm
Length: 1090mm
Weight RTF: 980g
E-Motor: Brushless 200W
Battery: 7,4V 1800mAh Li-Po


Rudder:Left - Right
Elevator:Up - Down
Ailerons:Left - Right
Motor:0 to 100%

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