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Para-RC "RC Evo-Cross" recovery chute


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Manufacturer: Hacker

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Para-RC "RC Evo-Cross" recovery chute

In the RC-EVO-CROSS is a rescue parachute for remote paragliders,
gliders, Multicopter and aircraft.

The principle of RC Evo-Cross is based on the so-called cross-cap principle.
This type is also successfully used for a short time, the man-carrying gliders as an
innovative rescue.

Our RC Evo-Cross is designet according to the principle of genuine Evo-cross rescue
and constructed.
This kind of rescue package has several advantages over the
conventional round canopy umbrellas.

It guarantees a maximum opening speed and low sink rate at enormously high pendulum
A short system length and öffnungsbeschleunigende, easy to handle packing
method bring advantages over the round cap.

The RC-Evo-Cross is to pack easily and in different ways.It can be used with or without
an inner container that best fits the customer.
The hacker RC Evo-Cross is made from
genuine, specially coated rescue blanket / rescue silk.
low-profile reduced quality
parachute lines the pack size.
The signal color orange is clearly visible.

The RC-Evo-Cross provides perfect for DIY projects of Auslösemachanismen and existing
rescue systems for paragliders and Multicopter.

Many Multicopter have now already triggering devices.
With the RC-Evo-Cross, these systems can be improved and modified in its sole discretion.

The Hacker R & D department is already working on its own trigger mechanisms for different
However, the RC-Evo-Cross is the self-sufficient deployable parachute for
existing systems and DIY projects.
Even as a parachute to reduce the landing speed in
airplane models or Dragster car models it can be used.

Technical specifications
Surface designed: 2,2m²
Innercontainer Pack size: 11cm * 13cm (height depending on the packing method
between 2cm and 4cm)

Sink rate: 2.5 kg Towed Weight approx 2,7m / sec
Material: special coated rescue cloth
Weight range: from 1kg to 3.5kg towable



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