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BMI Lipo Alarm 2


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BMI Lipo Alarm 2

Specifications :
• Battery range : 2S ~6S LiPo, LiFe, Li-Ion
• Voltage display resolution : 0,001V
• Voltage detection precison : 0,005V
• Cell display range : 1,50 ~ 4,99V
• Total Voltage display range : 3,00 ~ 29,94V
• Alarm Cell Voltage : 3,00 ~ 4,00V
• Consumption: 8mA
• Reverse polarity protection
• Size : 80x25x12mm
• Weight : 12g

The LiPo Alarm is a microprocessor- controlled high precision voltage
detector, which allows you to monitor and measure every individual voltage
of a LiPo battery accurately. The screen will display : the total battery voltage
(T), the largest difference between the individual cell voltages (D) and the
individual cell voltage 1S~6S The LiPo Alarm can also be PRESET for
installation in an RC Model to monitor the voltage. When the voltage of one
of the cells of the battery drops below a specific adjustable voltage, the extra
large LED will start blinking and the sound signal will beep loudly, indicating
it’s time to land the model.



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