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210mAh 3.7V 45C-90C Lipo


Product Code: 210mAh 3.7V 45C-90C Lipo
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Lipo 210mAh 3,7V 45C/90C msr / Nano CPX + QX

Lipo specially for "tuned" Blade inductrix FPV (mini whoop) version with
more powerfull motors.

New 1S 210mAh 45C with JST-XH connector for Blade Inductrix Tiny Whoop
FPV RC Quadcopter, high discharge rate and big capacity,
can fly more times and more power.

Suited for the Following:
E-flite Blade Blade Inductrix RTF - BLH878
E-flite Blade mSR Micro Helicopter - EFLH3000 / EFLH3080
E-flite Blade CP Nano X Helicopter - EFLH3300 / EFLH3380
E-flite Blade Nano QX - BLH7600 / BLH7680
E-Flite Ultra Micro 4-Site - EFLH9080 / EFLH9050
E-Flite Ultra Micro 300 3D - EFLU1050 / EFLU1080
FHX Force RC Heli - FCE2100
Force MH-35 RC Heli - FCE2000
Hobby Zone Champ - HBZ4900
Minium Kyosho Clipped Wing Cub
Kyosho Minium J-3 Cub
Kyosho Minium Piper Cherokee
Park Zone Cessna 210 Centurion - PKZ3000
Parkzone Citabria - PKZ3100
Park Ember Zone 2 - PKZ3480 / PKZ3400
Parkzone Ultra Micro F4U Corsair - PKZU1600 / PKZU1680
Parkzone Ultra-Micro J-3 Cub - PKZ3900 / PKZ3980
Parkzone P-51 Mustang Micro - PKZ3680 / PKZ3600
Parkzone Ultra Micro Pole Cat - PKZU1480
Parkzone Sukhoi 26m Micro - PKZ3580
Parkzone Sukhoi SU-26xp - PKZU1080
Parkzone Ultra Micro T-28 Trojan - PKZU1580
Parkzone Vapor - PKZ3380 / PKZ33

Capacity: 210mAh
Voltage: 1S / 1 Cell / 3.7V
Discharge: 45C Constant / 90C Burst
Weight: 6.0g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions: 46 (Length) x 12.5 (Width) x 7mm (Thickness)
Balance & Discharge Plug: JST-MX

These batteries fit the Blade MCX / mSR stock charger.


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