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Lipo 205mAh 3,7V 25C/50C msr / Nano CPX + QX


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Lipo 205mAh 3,7V 25C/50C msr / Nano CPX + QX

Lipo specially for "tuned" Blade inductrix FPV (mini whoop) version with
more powerfull motors.

Can also be used for standard Blade inductrix mini for longer flights

Voltage: 3.7V
     Capacity: 205mAh
     Weight: about 6.0g
     Dimensions 51 x 11 x 5.5mm
     fits perfectly with the stock battery tray
     configuration 1S1P
     Max continuous load 25C = 5,12A
     Short term exposure 50C = 10,25A
     no balancer shaft single cell
     Charge 3C = 0,62A wenns times must be fast
     (Our charging recommendation 1C = 0.2A)
     Supplied with special R5002 Molex connector for E-Flite MSR / Nano CPX

     THE new development designed for the E-Flite Blade
MSR / Nano CPX - The New Reference


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