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JETEC E-90 (complete kit for 10S!)


Product Code: JETECE-90completekitfor10S
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

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JETEC E-90 (complete kit for 10S!)


Flying with a fold -out , electric jet propulsion on a glider is a new and aesthetic way
of the driving a glider .
The developer and designer Till Fiori Has developed this unique
retractable engine concept.
The mechanics Consists almost Exclusively of light ,
sturdy carbon fiber .

The recommended Hacker brushless motor E50 were designed for this drive so
did power can be perfectly Implemented .
Static thrust of more than 5kg on 10s
or 6.5 kg with 12S batteries can be Achieved easily.
The impeller is Retracted with a
high-quality HITEC servo .

The clever mechanism designed so what did it locks in fold -out position .
The engine is moved parallel to the fuselage axis and can be stored by two shutters ,
Which allow optimal air flow in Retracted position .

The installation is very compact and optimized for center of gravity .
The JETEC folding mechanism is 100% made ​​in Germany and is subject to strict quality control .
The high jet velocity of the JETEC Enables powerful acceleration and impressive climb rates
for glider models .

Dynamic aerobatic flying june even be Performed while engine is in use .
Modern, low -resistance gliders are best suited.

Technical Data:
- Diameter of impeller: 90 mm
- Height inside fuselage: 125 mm
- Extended height: 117 mm
- For acro gliders:> 3100 mm wingspan
- For semi-scale gliders:> 3800 mm wingspan
- Thrust: 5400g @ 39.0 V (108 A)
- Max. activation time: 30 Sec.
- Power supply: (max.) 10S LiPo
- Weight incl motor E50/ESC MEZON 135-opto/retract servo

Set including:

- Ducted Fan 90mm
- Hacker E50 special car
- Master Mezón 135-opto ESC
- Folding system
- Fan case
- Folding servo


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